Propaganda: The Cold War II - European Fatherlands

Stanica: S1

Charley’s Black Magic / Charley’s Black Magic

director Joy Batchelor, John Halas

year: 1949
country: United Kingdom
duration: 9min.
The irascible Charley featured in a series of cartoon propaganda shorts communicating many new policies of Clement Attlee’s Labour government, which promised a brighter future ahead.

Work Brigade / Brigáda

director Zdeněk Miler, Eduard Hofman

year: 1950
country: Czech Republic
duration: 13min.
One of the films that probably best shows the true constructive zeal of that period. Miler’s elaborated visual adaptation naturally unites socialistic realism and fairy tales.

For a Better Tomorrow / O nowe jutro

director Leszek Lorek

year: 1951
country: Poland
duration: 6min.
A fight with a poster warmonger.

Big Meeting / Veliki miting

director Norbert & Walter Neugebauer

year: 1951
country: Croatia
duration: 15min.
Judin, an anti-Yugoslav instigator, executes the orders of the Soviet government and invents various hoaxes against the “monstrous country” of Yugoslavia (an ironic allusion to lies that the USSR spread about Yugoslavia in newspapers).

Sport Competition in the Forest / Az erdei sportverseny

director Gyula Macskássy

year: 1952
country: Hungary
duration: 13min.
In this early Macskássy short, all the forest animals – except for the lazy pig – are preparing and practicing for a sport event. But what happens when the fox and the wolf interfere?

Something About the North / Noget om Norden

director Bent Barfod

year: 1956
country: Denmark
duration: 9min.
The film describes the community of Nordic Nations and their opportunities for cooperating. A child takes us on a tour of the Nordic Nations, which sometimes argue but always do better when they cooperate.

Bullet in the Head / Plumb ballit

director Gazmend Leka

year: 1985
country: Albania
duration: 10min.
An elaboration of various political transitions and conflicts, and the transformation to communism.