World Panorama 2

Stanica: S2

Fuse / Fuse

director Shadi Adib

year: 2018
country: Germany
duration: 7min.
A mousetrap snaps shut and a market place awakens. A group of men heatedly discuss how to kill the animal in the little box.

The Aeronauts / Los aeronautas

director León Fernández

year: 2016
country: Mexico
duration: 11min.
A tribe survives in the middle of the desert on the meager pickings of a barren landscape. Soo’goh, the weakest member of the clan, seeks to overcome all obstacles and reach the green pastures of the paradise they all yearn for.

9 Ways to Draw a Person / 9 sposobov narisovať cheloveka

director Sasha Svirsky

year: 2016
country: Russia
duration: 6min.
Nine short stories that show how a person can be depicted. By mixing abstraction, collage, and drawing animation we see spontaneous and unsystematic research of animation’s potential and the world of irrepressible imagination.

Mukumu / Mukumů

director Pavla Baštanová

year: 2017
country: Czech Republic
duration: 8min.
This film shows the everyday life and unpredictable situations of Scandinavian nature. The word ‘mukumu’ is shouted to beckon cows from fields. Everyday activities that lend life meaning. Humans, animals and nature all striving to survive.

Wedding Day / Veselka

director Zuzana Čupová

year: 2017
country: Czech Republic
duration: 3min.
A story about a Czech folk wedding. Made to Furiant music from Antonín Dvořák’s Slavonic dances.

Afterwork / Afterwork

director Luis Usón, Andrés Aguilar

year: 2017
country: Ecuador
duration: 6min.
We are all condemned to work – and continually repeat the same empty routines. Can we ever reach that carrot we perpetually follow – eternally pursuing something we need not? Groompy, a funny cartoon, is about to find out.

Reminisce Me with the Time of a Day / Reminisce Me with the Time of a Day

director Holly Lo

year: 2016
country: Taiwan
duration: 4min.
A story about memories.

Ooze / Ooze

director Kilian Vilim

year: 2017
country: Switzerland
duration: 5min.
Everyday life confronts an elevator boy with the loneliness and ‘ups and downs’ of his calling. When he tries to attract the attention of his guests, he has a very different, gloomy encounter with himself.

Manivald / Manivald

director Chintis Lundgren

year: 2017
country: Estonia
duration: 13min.
Sexy young plumber Toomas intrudes into the harmonious life of Manivald and his retired mother.

Nailbiter / Nailbiter

director Laura Hodkin

year: 2017
country: United Kingdom
duration: 3min.
An anxious girl revisits her nail biting habit on the underground.

Minou / Minou

director Joy Jourdan, Mathilde Marion, Laura Trouche, Laura Feraud, Margaux Lanusse-Cazalé, Agathe Trebosc

year: 2016
country: France
duration: 6min.
A game and hunt with a cockroach allows a cat to flee the imprisonment and house routine imposed by his old mistress.