World Panorama 3

Stanica: S1

Untravel / Untravel

director Ana Nedeljković, Nikola Majdak jr.

year: 2018
country: Slovakia
duration: 10min.
A film about (local)patriotism, tourism and emigration. The girl lives in a grey, isolated country, enclosed by a huge wall. She has never travelled anywhere, but all her life has dreamt of leaving forever for a perfect world called “Abroad”.

Island / Island

director Max Mörtl, Robert Löbel

year: 2017
country: Germany
duration: 2min.
On a small island, a bunch of exotic creatures run across each other.

And the Moon Stands Still / And the Moon Stands Still

director Yulia Ruditskaya

year: 2017
country: Belarus
duration: 11min.
Moonlight influences all. The film explores the lunar cycle and the energy invoked by its radiance. Based on the tale The Witcher by Alexey Tolstoy.

Big Buddy Blue / Big Buddy Blue

director Frederic Siegel, Beni Morard

year: 2017
country: Switzerland
duration: 3min.
An epic story about a trucker and his best four-wheeled friend, pursuing their dreamy lives on the open road. After a fateful incident, they are both left behind with a broken heart, awaiting reunion.

Popsicle / 枝仔冰

director Tzu-Hsin Yang

year: 2017
country: Taiwan
duration: 5min.
Siblings – a sister and brother – struggle to deal with the loss of their mother after a stressful funeral. As they strive to piece their lives back together, flashbacks of a street vendor’s treat emerge from a distant childhood memory…

Coyote / Coyote

director Lorenz Wunderle

year: 2017
country: Switzerland
duration: 10min.
A coyote loses his wife and children to a wolf attack. Anguished from human emotions, he’s trying to process the experience. Besides grief and delusion, evil takes up more and more space.

Midnight Garden / Le Jardin de Minuit

director Benoît Chieux

year: 2016
country: France
duration: 10min.
The moon is shining and a young couple plays in the forest. Their game leads them into an unknown garden. Little by little, they are overwhelmed by a charm. Can they break the spell that keeps them prisoners?

Ming / Ming

director Danski Tang

year: 2017
country: United States
duration: 3min.
Ming depicts the female Asian body as a site of objection. It investigates the psychological ramifications of the male gaze and constantly being labeled as exotic, as well as the clashing ideals of Eastern and Western standards of beauty and femininity.

Leave with Me / Leave with Me

director Mel Wong

year: 2016
country: Hong Kong
duration: 4min.
A young schoolgirl’s imagination has taken over her world. Mocked by classmates and belittled by teachers, her world becomes twisted and its people turn into aliens. Something is amiss in her surroundings, which she must find and confront.

Moulinet / Moulinet

director Sander Joon

year: 2017
country: Estonia
duration: 6min.
Some things we understand naturally, while others escape our understanding no matter how hard we try.

Monster / Monštrum

director Martin Snopek

year: 2018
country: Slovakia
duration: 7min.
Monster is a short story about the universal theme of human fear and threat – global disasters that come about through a powerful figure atop the pyramid. An unfortunately highly topical issue.