Exhibition: A Little More for the Road

Stanica: Bar

According to Marsel Onisko, the exhibition contains everything that he could tell you about life if he met you. The author was the art director of the defunct art magazine Panic Button with the filmmaker La Aramisova, and a member of the Žilina-Uzhhorod association Fly United. He is a philology graduate and self-taught artist. Since the Ukrainian conflict broke out, Marsel has been designing posters for the Stanica Cultural Centre. He is an unwritten member of the Zakarpattia Oblast’s Poptrans art group. Exhibition curator, Robert Blaško, his fellow member of the Charmsove deti band, says: “The exhibition of Marsel’s collages continues an unintellectual DIY project, which does not fit into an overly sophisticated discourse of high art. Once again, we are direct. It’s punk which warms out hearts.”