Exhibition: Phases and Concepts

New Synagogue

Phases and Concepts presents the concept art of Slovak games over several developmental stages. From first drawings and sketches, referential pictures and photographs, through non-textured models, diffuse textures or sprites, up to the final design as seen in released games. The selection of authors and their works showcases the variety of games currently being developed in our country. Three of the five presented projects remain unfinished, and one title is not planned for release at all.

In video game development, concept art is often present from the very beginning: side-by-side with the game’s chosen genre, its basic mechanisms or technical solutions, and the choice of engine. It determines the overall art stylization, technical and technological difficulty of development, or the mood that the creators intend to convey to a player. Whilst concept art is usually closely connected with the genre, it often strives to diverge from the expected by seeking innovation and originality. Concept art – as well as the final design or models of objects, people, settings and effects – can undoubtedly determine (among other factors) the first impression made by digital games.