Letter from Frank Braun, 
Chairman of the Board
of Fantoche, Switzerland

It happens not so often that Fest Anča is a bit accidentally visited by personality in the field of animation, and from pure enthusiasm expressed its support for the festival by open letter in order to draw attention to the existential problems and the importance of this event.
Frank, thank you!


Animation Karaoke Battle
in Bratislava!

Fest Anca is introducing for it´s first time in Bratislava, magnificent and unique festival competition show. Don´t miss it! 26th of November in KC Dunaj.

Anča Awards 2011

Jury: Ivan Maximov (Russia) Eva Michalková, (Slovakia) and Veljko Popović (Croatia)

1st prize:
Crocodile / Kaspar Jancis, Estonia
2nd prize:
Angry Man / Anita Killi, Norway
3rd prize:
Stanley Pickle /
Victoria Mather, UK

Anča Music Video Award

Jury: Pip Chodorov (USA) and Tamás Liszka (Hungary)

1st prize:
Lose This Child / Yuval and Merav Nathan, Israel
2nd prize:
Caffeine / Patricii Luna, Russia and Danae Diaz, Spain
3rd prize:
Baby I‘m yours /
Irina Dakeva, France

Festanča 2011 - new photos

photo: Erik Bartoš


Fest Anča Catalogue (also pdf)

Program in mobile

the mobile site , see where and what is now projected / workshoped.


Music Video of the Day

My Turn

Check out our official festival spot

Cult of Fantastic Planet

Trailer of the Day

The Wonder Hospital

Music Video of the Day

Raekwon "Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang"

Trailer of the Day

Stanley Pickle

Sci-fi feature film Metropia

Music Video of the Day

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Trailer of the Day

Top Premiere of the Feature Film Chico & Rita!

Fest Anča is looking for volunteers

If you want to be there from beginning to end, not only as a passive visitor, this call is addressed to you exactly.) Anča is looking for volunteers who would be willing to join the organization during the three days of festival in July.

for more info contact Peter at, or 00421908 491 222


International Competition of 
Short Films


International Music Videos Competition


anička asks

Interview with Pacientarium

For the fourth time, the Festival Minutes will be prepared by the team composed of Lukáš Sigmund (screenwriter), Filip Krížek (producer) and, last but not least, Petřa Vladyková (camera, editing).
These three young creative people are a part of a “loss - making disorganization.” Can you tell us some more about it? 

Interview with Ivan Maximov

Ivan Maximov (1958) was born in Moscow. He studied photography at the Biophysical Institute in Moscow till 1976. From 1976 – 1982 Maximov studied at the Physical-Technical Institute in Moscow. He worked as an illustrator for various magazines and from 1982 to 1986 he was an engineer at the Russian Space Research Institute. Between 1986 and 1989 Maximov took advanced studies in Film Directing and Script writing.

Interview with Paťo Pašš Jr.

Patrik Pašš Jr. was born in 1974. He graduated from FAMU, Prague and he teaches at the Department of Animated Film of VŠMU, Bratislava. He directed music videos for various artists. This year, his new graphic novel "Three, not four, not five" is going to be print.

Mini-Interview with stroon

Dalibor Kocian sometimes doesnt know what he should do with himself, so besides music production, DJing and playing the vibraphone under the nickname stroon, he´s doing also other activities. For example he´s making improvised dubbing of films.

Interview with Eran Hilleli

Eran Hilleli is the winner of best animation award at Vimeo’s first film festival. He´s selected for competition at Fest Anča as well!

Interview with Vanda Raýmanová

Vanda Raýmanová is a graduate of The Department of Animated Film of the VŠMU, Bratislava. She was Born in Nová Baňa in 1973 and after having finished her studies in 1996, she made a short film called About Two People (O dvoch ľuďoch) which has been projected at many festivals. Her latest film Who` s there? (Kto je tam?) is made for children as a target audience and this year you will have an opportunity to see it in the Children´s Section as well as in the Slovak Film Section..

Interview with Admiral

Andrej Kolenčík (1984) is a film director and artist. He studied directing of animated film at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and since then he´s working in field of film. In addition, he´s working as program director of Fest Anča.

Interview with Budík

Peter „Budík“ Budinský was born in 1983 in Bratislava. He belongs to the new generation of young animated film directors. In addition, he is one of the main organisers of the Fest Anča.

fest anča on tour

Fest Anča on tour in Blue Note

17. 12. 2011

Animation is not Mŕtva /
Animácia nie je Dead
Club Blue Note
J. Haška 18, Nove Mesto nad Váhom


Fest Anča on tour in ArtKlub

26. 11. 2011 at 20:00

Best of Fest Anča 2011
Animation is not Mŕtva /
Animácia nie je dead
Hlavná 17, Trnava


Fest Anča on tour in Prievidza

11. 11. 2011 at 18:00

Best of Fest Anca 2011
Ars Atelier Preuge
Matice Slovenskej 14
971 01 Prievidza


Fest Anča in Summer Cinema Nostalgia

Thursday 9. 8. 2011 at 20:30

Horský park, Bratislava


Fest Anča on Tour in Žilina

15. 7. 2011 at 19:00
16. 7. 2011 at 19:00

Hlinkovo námestie, Žilina


Fest Anča at Pohoda

09. 07. 2011 / 22:00

Fest Anča Warm Up

Gallery Enter 
16. 06. 2011 / 21:00

Special screening of animated films and bonus previews + Dj Miletička + Dj Pseudobulb 
Gallery Enter, Zamočnická 10, Bratislava

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