Fest Anča International Animation Festival has also prepared a wonderful programme for families with children! From 25 to 30 June, many exciting activities await them to celebrate the end of the school year and tune in for the holidays. For the little ones we prepared short and feature films, a theatre performance, a book reading, creative workshops and lots of stimulating activities. In addition, the entire final festival day is dedicated to children at the Žilina Town Theatre.


Fest Anča screens original films by Slovak and international filmmakers that stimulate kids’ creativity and imagination in ways that mainstream Slovak cinema can’t match. Such films also speak as equals to children about the world and society around us to develop a mutual dialogue.

The International Competition of Shorts for Children includes Spin Cycle about the importance of making friends. Rainboy explores the power of raindrops, and the Croatian film about nature, Butterfly’s cycle tests your attention span.


The winning film in the Best Children’s Animated Short category will be decided on Tuesday 25 June and Wednesday 26 June by a children’s jury composed of pupils from the first grade of primary schools in Žilina. Children will watch all seven films in competition and then decide which one they think is the best. These screenings also include creative workshops.

Children can also enjoy original film stories from the non-competitive sections. As well as the competitive section, there are lots of original films: the enthralling What’s in the Box? movie puzzle and the thought-provoking Go Away, Alfred! about a little bird that loses its home during a war.

Go Away, Alfred!

For small children, we have a film selection called Magical Friendships, about emotional and unusual friendships that can sometimes face a difficult test. This selection includes engaging works encompassing a varied and wide range of styles for children aged 3+. The Elephant Goes Green film selection for children aged 7+ provides a fun and playful way to explore sustainable development and nature protection.

Families can also look forward to the six newest episodes of the Slovak bedtime series, The Tots, about two naughty brothers by the renowned animator Vanda Raýmanová about barbecuing, gardening, and ice cream making! These stories will promote dreams and fantasy and show why playing is so important. The above-mentioned film blocks will be screened on Thursday and Friday in Artforum Žilina.


Fest Anča has also prepared feature-length films for the whole family in this year’s festival theme: Nightmare. But don’t you worry! It only means that the heroes and heroines in our films will have it slightly more complicated than usual.

For example, Mouse and Bear on the Road will learn about the strict ban on playing musical instruments. inseparable friends will try to overturn a senseless ban on musical instruments so that music and joy can return to bear country.

The festival will also screen Tony, Shelly, and the Magic Light which tells the story of eleven-year-old Tony, who has been shining since birth. Tony and his friend Shelly embark on an adventurous quest to find the origin of the mysterious wisps of darkness that are sucking the sunshine out of their house.

Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light

In Nina and the Hedgehog’s Secret, the heroine Nina also embarks on an adventurous journey to bring back her father’s desire to tell the stories she loves so much. Audiences can enjoy both films at the Ster Century Cinemas multiplex.


The selection of feature films may also be of interest to young adults. Tim Burton’s cult film The Corpse Bride finds protagonist Victor straddling the border between two worlds: darkness and light. Victor is drawn into the underworld where he marries a mysterious dead bride, while the real bride awaits him in the world of the living.

The Corpse Bride

They might also enjoy The Boy and the Heron which explores a mysterious abandoned tower that conceals a magical world ruled by a mysterious old man. Meet an army of parrots, a brave girl named Himi, and cute Warawara creatures in the latest film about fateful beginnings and endings from legendary Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki.

As part of the programme for schools, teenagers from secondary schools will also have a chance to enjoy the festival. For them, we’ll screen a competitive section of short animated films in Žilina’s Town Theatre.



In the Artforum bookstore, there will be a book reading entitled Nebojím sa báť. The book reading is for children of all ages and will provide a safe space for sharing excerpts from their favourite books or their own creations. Children will also have the opportunity to gain the courage to face their fears at an art workshop, which will take place on Sunday morning in the Čitáreň súčasnej literatúry (Contemporary Literature Reading Room) of the Town Theatre. An unconventional adaptation of the performance Kozliatka a vlk by Divadielko Maťo will show that even ordinary hunger can be a nightmare.

The Fest Anča International Animation Festival 2024 is financially supported by the Audiovisual FundLITA Fund and FPU Art Support Fund.