Information on the use of cookies and similar internet technologies

The controller of the website (hereinafter as “website”) is ANČA civil association, address: Štefánikova 16, 811 04 Bratislava, registration number: 42128323 (hereinafter as “our organisation” or “we”).


In this Information on the use of cookies and similar internet technologies, we explain how personal data are collected and processed when a data subject visits or uses our website, e.g. when internet technologies are employed, and we specify what internet technologies are used by the website, and why and what data we process when you visit or use the website.


The content of this website serves mostly for information purposes. In general, we do not collect nor process any personal data directly or indirectly identifying you, neither by automated nor any other means when you visit or use the website.


When you visit or use our site, we collect your data mostly for the following purposes: ensuring basic functionality of the site, web traffic tracking, and statistical purposes.


When you visit our website, we can place information on your device that allows us to recognise and remember your device. This information is commonly called a “cookie”. A cookie is a small file containing letters and numbers that we store in your browser or your computer’s hard drive with your consent. Cookies enable us to collect certain data about your computer and help us to collect statistical and analytic information about the use of this website and user behaviour. Via our website, we collect data regarding visiting, browsing, and web traffic; however, this information is anonymised, so we do not collect any of your personal data. Only a unique identifier of the session is stored, enabling us to reload a user’s profile and presets upon their next visit of this website.


By browsing this website, each user consents to the use and storage of cookies in their browser. Upon visiting this website, you are notified about this fact and by further browsing this website, you consent to such use and storage. If you as a user do not consent to the use of cookies, then do not visit this website, or actively delete or block cookies. You can still visit this website if you block the use of cookies, but some functions may not work. In your browser, you can adjust the cookies used on the website. By default, most internet browsers are set to automatically accept cookies. You always have the right to reject the use of cookies by setting your browser to block some or all cookies, or to receive a notification when cookies are to be sent to your device. There are instructions on how to change the use of cookies in every browser’s settings or help menu. If you use multiple devices (computer, smartphone, tablet), we recommend adjusting the use of cookies to your preferences in each of the browsers.


Types of cookies we use:


  1. Basic/Essential cookies – these are essential for providing our services and for the website’s operation. They do not contain any information that could directly identify visitors. For instance, they also ensure a functioning switch from http to https, thus complying with increased security requirements for data transfer. Cookie files also save your preferences about the use of cookies at the website. If you do not consent to the use of cookies, we cannot guarantee you will be able to use our website’s content
  2. Analytic/performance cookies – these collect information on how users interact with the website, they enable recognizing and counting visitors, and track how users navigate through the site. We improve the functionality of our services in this way; for instance, by ensuring that users will easily find what they are looking for. We do not collect information that could directly identify visitors. The data are aggregated and anonymous. 
  3. Third parties’ cookies – third parties (such as website traffic analysis services) can also use cookies, and we have no control over saving those files. They are probably analytic/performance or targeting cookies. It may be the case that a website you browsed uses analytics tools or marketing automation from a third party (such as Google Analytics), which means you accepted cookies from third parties’ services. For more information on how these cookies are used, visit the respective third parties’ websites. If you no longer wish to accept cookies in general (cookies requiring your consent – see table below) or you withdraw your previously given consent, you will only be able to use the website’s functions that do not require cookies. Sections of the site that have the potential to technically integrate content from third parties, and set/use third parties’ cookies for this purpose, will be unavailable to you. If you want to be able to use this content of the website, you can do so only when you accept these cookies via the link placed in the website’s corresponding section.


Tool Note Data retention period Cookie type
Google Analytics (purpose: analytics), type b No personal data, necessary information 50 months Statistic
Google Ads
(remarketing), type c
No personal data, necessary information 540 days Remarketing
Facebook Ads
(remarketing), type c
No personal data, necessary information
max. 90 days Remarketing

Internal cookies

No personal data 24 hours Necessary


In justified cases, we can make the data collected via the website available to third parties, in particular to providers of analytic and statistical services.


The use of the website is analysed through cookies in the Google Analytics tool provided by Google, Inc. (hereinafter as “Google”).


Further information on data processing in relation to the use of cookies by Google tools can be found on Google’s website.


As stated above, you have the right to block cookies or withdraw your consent to their use on our website or in your browser. However, if you do so for all cookie types, you will not be able to use all the functions of the website.


In order to fulfil our legal obligations, we can make the data available to public authorities, particularly to courts and law enforcement authorities, as well as other public administrations.


The retention period for the data related to the website use can vary with the type of cookies used. Cookie-related data necessary for the website to operate are only stored for the time of the visit/use of the website. Cookie-related personal data that are used for analytic and statistical purposes are stored for a reasonably short period of time – maximum six months since your last visit to the website.


Our website may feature links to our partners’ and related companies’ websites. Please bear in mind that these are separate websites not connected to our website, and they have their own personal data protection rules, personal data protection statements, statements on the use of cookies, etc. Our organisation cannot in any way be held responsible for the contents of such websites or application (or the lack thereof) of rules regarding personal data use. We recommend familiarising yourself with the rules that apply to these websites before you start using them.


For more information on personal data protection, read our Privacy Policy.