World Panorama 2

New Synagogue – Sphere
Duration:  70
Sections:  Panorama, World panorama

A selection of films and music videos that just missed out by a hair’s breadth on being selected for the competition. These will be screened in the special World Panorama section.

Slovak and English subtitles (live screenings with Slovak subtitles only)

Sorry, I Don’t Understand

Director Natalie Feoktistova

Completion:  2020-06-24
Country:  BE
Duration:  00:05:55

How My Grandmother Became a Chair

Director Nicolas Fattouh

Completion:  2020-03-01
Country:  LB
Duration:  00:09:55

30 Days of Shoegazing

Director Pei-Hsin Cho

Completion:  2019-07-03
Country:  GB
Duration:  00:04:41


Director Hsin-Hsuan Yeh

Completion:  2020-09-30
Country:  TW
Duration:  00:06:00


Director Yali Herbet

Completion:  2019-09-15
Country:  IL
Duration:  00:02:02

Pishto’s Birthday

Director Sonya Kendel

Completion:  2020-09-28
Country:  RU
Duration:  00:10:56

Huis Clos

Director Nina Winiger

Completion:  2020-08-18
Country:  CH
Duration:  00:04:28

Six to Six

Director Neta Cohen

Completion:  2019-09-19
Country:  IL
Duration:  00:07:02

Mad in Xpain

Director Coke Riobóo

Completion:  2020-04-01
Country:  ES
Duration:  00:13:00

You Are Not a Kiwi

Director Maria Saveleva

Completion:  2020-07-12
Country:  EE
Duration:  00:05:31