Slovak Films at Fest Anča 2021 – Official Selection

A super whopping 40 short Slovak films have applied for the 14th Fest Anča International Animation Festival 2021 – despite the ongoing pandemic. That means you’ve got even more fantastic locally-produced animation to look forward to – in competitive and non-competitive sections!

New names have joined established festival favourites the competition section includes a film by David Štumpf, who was awarded for best Slovak animated film SH_T HAPPENS last year (with Michaela Mihályi). Marián Vredík who received a special mention for the music video Flush It Out (with Jana Vredík Hirnerová) also makes a welcome return.

Csuport Virág Emma – Donna Bella

It’s great we continue to appeal to younger audiences, and connecting them with professional animators,” observes Jakub Spevák, dramaturge and member of the pre-selection committee on the quality of the Slovak selection.

Fest Anča has seen more submissions from primary art schools, such as the competitive section’s Uninvited guests: a hand-drawn animated film by Jakub Mereš from Poprad art school, that depicts an encounter between two incompatible worlds. Other titles from primary art schools are also in the non-competitive section. “This shows the growing number of young animators in Slovakia – it’s great,” adds Jakub. “Fest Anča’s Slovak selection annually showcases professional and student animation. And it’s fantastic to present new talents that only got into animation as a hobby.

Jakub Mereš – Nepozvaní hostia/Uninvited Guests

More Slovak films are entering the music video competitive section, too. “The bar has been high for animated music videos for quite some time in Slovakia, as proven by the two selected this year by Matej Mihályi (Prezident Lourajder – Destiny) and Marián Vredík (Čisté Tvary – Fly),” adds Jakub. 

Marián Vredík – Čisté Tvary/FLY

Films selected to compete for the Anča Award for Best Animated Short

Places – Andrea Gabajová

Prezident Lourajder: Osud – Matej Mihályi

Home Sweet Home – David Štumpf

Uninvited Guests  – Jakub Mareš

Čisté Tvary: FLY – Marián Vredík

Maze of Memories – Anna Mária Medvecká

Trip to the Moon 1969  – Samuel Ščerbák

Sanctuary – Eva Matejovičová

Boys’ Tears  – Zuzana Žiaková

Donna Bella – Csuport Virág Emma

Fur – Kristína Bajaníková

On the Hill – Lukáš Ďurica, Juraj Mäsiar


Films selected for the non-competitive section Slovak Panorama:

Between the Crowds – Viktoria Madanská

Nimral – Mária Dobrovodská

Full Stomach – Ingrid Lányiová

Dollmaker – Romana Candráková

Issues – Andrea Pátková, Veronika Valentová

Royal Dog – Anna Mária Medvecká

Glass – Adam Valluš, Emil Tomáš Faban

Funny Fruits – Matúš Ursíny

Aliens – Ivan Suvák

The Smallest Man – Dávid Šúry

Builders – Roland Korečko

Lunate – Klára Fedora Homzová


The full official selection of all categories, including international films, will be released on 11 March.

Fest Anča International Animation Festival 2021 is financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and LITA Fund. Fest Anča Student Forum has received financial support from Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway via EEA and Norway Grants.