1244 films from 67 countries were submitted to the 14th Fest Anča International Animation Festival 2021. There’s so much to look forward to – despite the pandemic, the festival will present diverse films by renowned directors as well as newbies from all over the world. The official selection features special thematic sections, including one specifically tailored to this year. 

New names have joined established festival favourites in competitive and non-competitive sections. Orgiastic Hyper-Plasticby Paul Bush, the experimental filmmaker and animator known for pushing the boundaries between documentaries, fiction, and animation, will compete for Best Animated Short. Others making a welcome return include Vera Neubauer with her film Tricky Womenin Extremely Short Section of Extremely Short Films, and director Theodore Ushev with Apocalypse is Under the Blanket in World Panorama.

Andreas Hykade – ALTÖTTING

Main competitive section

This section will resonate with films by renowned artists and award-winners such as Affairs of the Art(a film directed by Joana Quinn and written by Les Mills, recently awarded at Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival), and last year’sAltötting(by Andreas Hykade, awarded at Ottawa International Animation Festival and nominated at Annecy).

The main competitive section has diverse films of the highest quality this year, and we’re sure our audience will love them,” states Ivana Sujová, festival director and pre-selection committee member. “We had many student submissions – a third of the main competitive section – despite schools being closed for most of the year. We are proud to see Slovak animator Andrea Gabajová’s Placesfeaturing, too.

Simona Mehandzhieva – The Dip

Student films

Fest Anča has seen more submissions from primary art schools, such as the competitive section’s Uninvited guests: a hand-drawn animated film by Jakub Mereš from Poprad art school, that depicts an encounter between two incompatible worlds. Other titles from primary art schools are also in the non-competitive section. “This shows the growing number of young animators in Slovakia – it’s great,comments Jakub Spevák, dramaturge and member of the pre-selection committee on the quality of the Slovak selection.

Fest Anča’s Slovak selection annually showcases professional and student animation. And it’s fantastic to present new talents that only got into animation as a hobby,he adds.

Dave Merson Hess – Los Mundos: “Frutos Rojos”

Music videos

Slovak films have a strong presence in the music video competitive section, too – Matej Mihályi’s Prezident Lourajder – Destiny and Marián Vredík’s Čisté Tvary – Flyhave been selected.The bar has been high for animated music videos for quite some time in Slovakia, as proven by the two selected this yearnot only in terms of animation, but also musically,adds Jakub. 

Radostina Neykova – Marmalade

Animated films for kids

The kids’ programme is an important part of Fest Anča. Films for kids are split into competitive and non-competitive sections. “It’s great to see filmmakers find creative ways of storytelling that stimulate children’s fantasy and respect young audiences’ intelligence,comments Ivana.

The short Bulgarian film Marmaladefrom the Kids’ competitive section impressed us with its rather atypical approach to animation and a motivating message. The author, Radostina Neykova, tells the story of a boy and girl via embroidery in movement,” says Peter Gašparík, pre-selection committee member. The non-competitive section features Kata Strofová and the Secret of Snowflakesby Slovak animator and visual artist Veronika Kocourková.

Special sections

A special new section created exclusively for this year’s festival has been added: Anča in a Facemask. “The section reflects upon the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic from animators’ perspective. Some films capture the experience of life in the pandemic and a certain new reality we find ourselves in, others are more personal and deal with the topic of isolation,explains the dramaturge. “It’s a time capsule, really,he adds. The section is a follow up to the Domasedexhibition of illustrations that was part of Fest Anča 2020’s programme and followed artists’ experience of living through the pandemic.

Regular Anča visitors are familiar with the many specialised sections such as Anča in MordorandAnča in Wonderland, and this year will also feature Short Animated Document.

Unique at Fest Anča is that 90% of films selected are premiering in Slovakia. “Our audience has the special opportunity of seeing most of these films for the very first time,adds Ivana. 

Competitive section


Alice Aleksey Sukhov Russian Federation
We hope you won’t need to come back (s) Anastazja Naumenko Poland
Polka-dot boy Sarina Nihei France
Five Minutes Older (s) Pięć Minut Starsza Sara Szymanska Poland
The courgette’s smile (s) Lucas Ansart France
Precious Précieux Paul Mas France
Coffin (s) Coffin Yuanqing Cai, Nathan Crabot, Houzhi Huang, Mikolaj Janiw, Mandimby Lebon, Théo Tran Ngoc France
Bye Little Block! (s) Pá kis Panelom! Éva Darabos Hungary
The Mistress of the Copper Mountain Dmitry Geller Russian Federation
Fruit Ivan Li Canada
Symbiosis Nadja Andrasev France
The Dip (s) Simona Mehandzhieva United Kingdom
KKUM Kang-min Kim Republic of Korea
Ten, twenty, thirty, fourty, fifty miles a day (s) Mathieu Georis Belgium
Angry Dogs Shaun Clark United Kingdom
The Chimney Swift Frédéric Schuld Germany
NIGHT BUS Joe Hsieh Taiwan
My Fat Arse and I (s) Ja i moja gruba dupa Yelyzaveta Pysmak Poland
Tiger and Ox 호랑이와 소 Seunghee Kim Republic of Korea
TIE ELO Alexandra Ramires ( Xá ) Portugal
Push This Button if You Begin to Panic Gabriel Böhmer United Kingdom
Turning Linnéa Haviland United Kingdom
Places (s) Priestory Andrea Gabajová Slovakia
Soft and White Gina Kamentsky United States
Boy Oh Boy Stephen Irwin United Kingdom
Naked (s) Kirill Khachaturov Russian Federation
TWIGS (s) Hadas Alamgor Israel
Hot Flash Thea Hollatz Canada
Ghosts Jee-youn Park Republic of Korea
DOGHEAD (s) Momo Takenoshita Japan
Peregrine Daniela Sherer Israel
ALTÖTTING ALTÖTTING Andreas Hykade Germany
Crab Kharchang Shiva Sadegh Asadi Islamic Republic of Iran
The Blank Page Jake Fried United States
Affairs of the Art Joanna Quinn United Kingdom


Places Priestory Andrea Gabajová Slovakia
Prezident Lourajder – Osud Matej Mihályi Slovakia
Home Sweet Home David Štumpf Slovakia
Uninvited guests Nepozvaní hostia Jakub Mereš Slovakia
Čisté Tvary – FLY Čisté Tvary – LEŤ Marián Vredík Slovakia
Maze of memories Anna Mária Medvecká Slovakia
Trip to the Moon 1969 Cesta Na Mesiac 1969 Samuel Ščerbák Slovakia
Sanctuary Eva Matejovičová Czech Republic
Boys tears Chlapčenské slzy Zuzana Žiaková Slovakia
Donna Bella Virág Emma Csuport Slovakia
Fur Kristína Bajaníková Slovakia
On the Hill Lukáš Ďurica, Juraj Mäsiar Slovakia


Prezident Lourajder – Osud Matej Mihályi Slovakia
Gholü Leo Nicholson United Kingdom
Garnet Graves Flavourcel Canada
The Goose and The Common Shadab Shyaegan Austria
THROUGH СКВОЗЬ Ekaterina Zhuzhleva Russian Federation
Yoshitoo! – Oto no naru houe Bela Bulgakova Germany
Nocturne Alexander Dupuis United States
The Tower Sunčana Brkulj Croatia
PEMMICAN Kelzang Ravach France
Resina – In (Ian William Craig rework) Mateusz Jarmulski Poland
Craziest Things Sacha Beeley United Kingdom
El Mago Georges El Mago Georges Katalin Egely Hungary
Čisté Tvary – FLY Čisté Tvary – LEŤ Marián Vredík Slovakia
Drop to hell Drop al infierno Esteban Azuela Mexico
Exo Antony Barkworth-Knight United Kingdom
Los Mundos: “Frutos Rojos” Dave Merson Hess Mexico
Careful Alice Saey France
Dance II Julian Gallese Costa Rica
Zoo Marie Novackova Czech Republic
Neo Denisa Kalinová, Anna Smékalová Czech Republic
The Trembling Giant Arina Shabanova Russian Federation
Summer Nights Summer Nights Ezequiel Torres, Pablo Rafael Roldán Argentina
Sweater Zilai Feng United States
Ralph Mothwurf Orchestra // DRUCK feat. Vincent Pongracz
Fekry Helal Austria


Alaska Аляска Oxana Kuvaldina Russian Federation
Mido and the instrumals Roman Guillanton France
Om Nom Nom… Minato Matsuda, Haruna Ueno, Tomoko Taiga Japan
In Museum V muzeu Kateřina Coufalová Czech Republic
The Source of the Mountains La Source des Montagnes Camille Di Dio, Marianne Moisy, Briag Mallat, Benjamin François, Adrien Communier, Pierre Gorichon France
Marmalade Radostina Neykova Bulgaria
Cornstalk Dylda Anastasiia Zhakulina Russian Federation



Genius Loci Genius Loci Adrien Mérigeau France
ME Begoña Arostegui Spain
In the Hands of Puppets In the Hands of Puppets (Deutsch) Sarah&Charles Belgium
Gold Is Eating People Su Xia China
Crowded Nathania Rubin Netherlands
I’M A FISH Я-РЫБА Daria Melnikova Russian Federation
Apocalypse is Under the Blanket Theodore Ushev Canada
Video Letter Yuezhu Wang United States
Run for the Bird Song Ingrid Pucci Estonia
Mad in Xpain MAD IN XPAIN Coke Riobóo Spain
Pishto’s Birthday Sonya Kendel Russian Federation
Six to Six Neta Cohen Israel
Ashes 遠火 Hsin-Hsuan Yeh Taiwan
Sorry, I don’t understand Natalie Feoktistova Belgium
30 Days of Shoegazing Pei-Hsin Cho United Kingdom
Huis Clos Huis Clos Nina Winiger Switzerland
6|6 Yali Herbet Israel
The Stork Toonekurg Morten Tšinakov, Lucija Mrzljak Estonia
Black Sheep Boy Black Sheep Boy James Molle France
See Me Patty Stenger, Yvonne Kroese Netherlands
Thank you Julian Gallese United Kingdom
Elusiveness Marija Vulic, Isidora Vulic Serbia
SURA Jeong Hae-ji Republic of Korea
Nod. Wink. Horse. Ollie Magee United Kingdom
Weeds Élodie Ferrer France
Gen Tree דור העץ Ronni Shalev, Alon Sharabi, Hod Adler Israel
Ba Ба Svetlana Filippova Russian Federation
Roach Cucaracha Agustín Touriño Argentina
Movements Dahee Jeong Republic of Korea
Funeral Thịnh Nguyễn Denmark
Enducated Hsin Yu Chen Taiwan
Dahu Dahu Schnerb Mona Belgium
Killing Time Camille Guillot, Fanny Hagdahl Sörebo, Aleksandra Krechman, Sarah Naciri, Morgane Ravelonary, Valentine Zhang France
WOULD YOU PLEASE? Ada Güvenir Belgium
Come On! Keren Karasik Israel
How My Grandmother Became A Chair Nicolas Fattouh Lebanon
You Are not a Kiwi Maria Saveleva Estonia


Between the Crowds Viktoria Madanská Czech Republic
Nimral Nimral Mária Dobrovodská Slovakia
Full stomach Plný žalúdok Ingrid Lányiová Slovakia
Dollmaker Romana Candráková Slovakia
Issues Problémy Andrea Pátková, Veronika Valentová Slovakia
Royal dog Anna Mária Medvecká Slovakia
Glass Sklo Adam Valluš, Emil Tomáš Faban Slovakia
Funny Fruits Strelení Ovocníci Matúš Ursíny Slovakia
Aliens Ivan Suvák Slovakia
The smallest man Najmenší mužíček Dávid Šúry Slovakia
Builders Roland Korečko Slovakia
Lunate Klára Fedora Homzová Slovakia


MiTCH-MATCH series #22. Géza M. Tóth Hungary
A Tiny Tale Latitude du printemps Sylvain Cuvillier, Chloé Bourdic, Théophile Coursimault, Noémie Halberstam, Maŷlis Mosny, Zijing Ye France
Da Sola Je peux le faire toute seule / Ich kann das ganz allein / Puedo hacerlo sola Christoph Brehme Italy
Sweet Tusk Anna Hrachovec United States
Cate Strophe and the Secret of Snowflakes Veronika Kocourková Slovakia
MITCH-MATCH series #09. Géza M. M. Tóth Hungary
I am a Pebble Je suis un Caillou Berteraut Mélanie, Bresson Yasmine, Coulombier Léo, Grondin Nicolas, le Chapelain Maxime, Massé Louise France
Big and Small Natalia Grofpel Russian Federation
Pea children Dace Riduze Latvia
Leaf Lístek Aliona Baranova Belarus
STAR BRIGHT Leno Miao & Mercedes Marro Spain


Fragments Fragmente Jonas Hurrle Germany
All Those Sensations in My Belly Sve te senzacije u mom trbuhu Marko Djeska Croatia
Just A Guy Shoko Hara Germany
Events Meant to Be Forgotten Dogadjaji za zaboraviti Marko Tadic Croatia
Toyhood Zoë Hutber United Kingdom
Cuckoo Daniela Hýbnerová Czech Republic
Machini Machini Frank Mukunday, Tétshim Democratic Republic of the Congo
Hijack139 Joachim Berg, Sondre Johre Norway


MATE Chaerin Im United States
Knot Waking Lauren Flinner United States
The Other Arash Akhgari Canada
Avant Avant Marcell Mostoha Hungary
The Quest for Freedom and the Longing for Belonging החתירה לחופש והכמיהה לשייכות Noam Paul Israel
What Time Is Niina Suominen Finland
Seer & Seen Ghazal Majidi Islamic Republic of Iran
Ménage à Trois: Flour, Eggs and Sugar Michelle Choi Republic of Korea
Liza Bastien Dupriez France
sfumato Robert Seidel Germany
The Gods Of Tiny Things Deborah Kelly Australia
Asterisco Tomás Pichardo Dominican Republic
Life of a Pixel Noam Goldfarb Israel


Too Real To Joy Cheng Li, Pei-Cen Gao, Ming-Xiu Hong Taiwan
Sun Sonification Ryan Betschart United States
TOVO Thomas Steiner Austria
What is that group(e)collecti(ve/f) Canada
ID Izabella Retkowska Germany
Liquid Traits of an Image Apparatus Flüssige Wesenszüge einer Bildapparatur Vera Sebert Germany
Hey, Hej, Davorin Marc Slovenia
A Collection of Eccentricities David Finkelstein United States


Come Wander With Me Molly Mayhew, Mia Moore United Kingdom
Little Miss Fate Joder von Rotz Switzerland
Tales from the Multiverse Magnus Igland Møller, Mette Tange, Peter Smith Denmark
Happy Easter Happy Easter Juliette Audureau, Maho Claquin, Titouan Cocault, Yann Coutard, Franklin Gervais, Sophie Terriere, Xinlei Ye France
Quand les Poules auront des Dents Quand les Poules auront des Dents Raphaël Bandet, Adrien Chauvet, Julien Gohard, Eugenia Maggi, Milena Mouries, Eléonore Rolewski, Franck Valero France
MountainMove Spencer Moreland Canada
Awkward Nata Metlukh United States
The Mental One Two Tighe-Mearns-Smith United Kingdom
The Winter Alignment Joe Lombard Australia
Forget Tomas Rybar Slovakia
A2 A2 Tom Randaxhe, Maud Christiane Canada
Love Theme Daniel Sterlin-Altman United States
eh eh Konrad Hjemli Norway
OUTER SPACE DIPLOMACY Vojta Kočí Czech Republic
In Shape Nolan J Downs United States
Rubic’s cube Ramanava Krystsina Czech Republic
Tuesday 9 am Nicolás Petelski Spain
À LA MODE A LA MODE Jean Lecointre France
Butterflies in the stomach Miriam Lazrak France
The Adventures of Blueman and Jungle Jim Syd Simeone United States
Curious World of Animals Dante Zaballa, Osian Efnisien United States
Stuck Together Coincés Masa Avramovic France
Christmas gothaj Matouš Valchář Czech Republic
Misery Loves Company Sasha Lee Republic of Korea
PANDICULATION Konrad Hjemli, Jakob Eiring Norway
The Most Woke Man In America Jordan Wong United States
Coxswain’s Chicken Kitchen Marcie LaCerte United States
Snake among the clouds Had v oblacích Terézia Poljaková (Adam) Slovakia
powerwash (i love you) Rory Waudby-Tolley United Kingdom
THANK YOU FOR YOUR TEETH! George ve Gänæaard, Horia Cucută United States
Everything Pizza David Amberg United States
Pathological Seamstress – bad day Patologiczna Krawcowa – zły dzień Agata Szwarc Poland


Black Snot & Golden Squares Irina Rubina Germany
Water Maji Cesar Diaz Melendez Spain
Studi VI, first lockdown Estudi VI, confinament primer Laura Ginès Spain
Ligne rouge et ligne noire Paola Sorrentino Italy
Biodiversity protection Ondřej Mladý Czech Republic
L Nikolaus Jantsch Austria
Smoker’s delight Ana Prebil Slovenia
Prophecy Pengyu Huang Germany
September 26th Danae Diaz Germany
Alchemy Ewa Sztefka Poland
SALTY SLANÝ Elly Friedmann Slovakia
FLOW Izabella Retkowska Germany
Ende Stefan Vogt Germany
-the dull- Flaute Stefan Vogt Germany
Detectiv Detektív Max Kips Slovakia
Space Vesmír Matej Jakub Gemza, Kristián Klouda Slovakia
Thinking with my Knee Maria Korporal Germany
Sailor´s disapoitement Námorníkovo sklamanie Karol Kullač Slovakia
The memory Lenka Adamcová Slovakia
GREAT-GRANDMA’S WAFFLE IRON Gofrownica prababci Julii Daria Kopiec Poland
Master painter Bah Bizon’s balloon ride Mitmalmeister Claude Momäh auf Ballonfahrt Uli Seis Germany
The Fly: Excalibur Peter Kružic Slovakia
Lost and Found Éva Adorján Hungary
War of words or respectful silence? Vojna besed ali spoštljiva tišina? / Guerra di parole o rispettoso silenzio? Leo Černic Italy
Master painter Ranksy Mitmalmeisterin Ranksy Uli Seis Germany
Insomnia Álmatlanság Katarína Pipiaková Slovakia
Finding a Way Trovare una via Gianpaolo Di Costanzo Italy
ID Izabella Retkowska Germany
I Want Ich Will Anne Isensee Germany
Yellow Adrian Baluta Romania
Void Void José Ramón Bas Spain
Tricky Women Vera Neubauer United Kingdom


At the Other End of the Table Lise Remon France
Home Sweet Home David Štumpf Slovakia
Utopia – C Reinhold Bidner Austria
ELBOW LIFE Mikio Saito Japan
Covid Loop Yuval Haker Israel
Stay Home Arnaud Laffond France
Film Crew in Quarantine Robertas Nevecka Lithuania
Home in a shell Dom w skorupce Renata Gasiorowska Poland
Invisible Monsters and Tomato Soup Stevie Borrello, Marcie LaCerte, Meghan McDonough United States
1 Bottle of Wine 1 Flasche Wein Anne Isensee Germany
Fuck Buddy Pote de baise Daniel Sterlin-Altman Canada
my dear quarantine Ewa Maria Wolska Poland
Remote Desktop Animations Connexion bureau (animé) à distance Jean-Guillaume Bastien Canada


Fest Anča International Animation Festival 2021 is financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and LITA Fund. Fest Anča Student Forum has received financial support from Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway via EEA and Norway Grants.


See you at Fest Anča 2021!