The Day After: facing up to apocalypses

A few words from our curator on Fest Anča 2020’s themed focus

How should a focus titled The Day After be curated at a time when we’re all still anxiously awaiting “the day after”? Well unsurprisingly, none of my previous experience had prepared me to face this extraordinary and unprecedented challenge.

We never considered a festival programme grimly packed with nihilism, fear, and cynicism, not even back in autumn 2019 when we had selected Fest Anča 2020’s The Day After theme (little did we know then how prescient it would soon become). Instead, we opted to portray the confrontation of numerous global and personal apocalypses and losses, the meeting of new beginnings – through humour (often black), optimism (often misplaced), and mostly keeping calm and level headed. These personal traits stem either from a rich seam of valuable life experience or boundless naïveté: i.e. each person plays to their unique strengths.

–Eliška Děcká, Fest Anča 2020’s Focus Curator



Apocalyptic Ends and New Beginnings

Cabin Pressure Matthew Lee GBR
Insatiable Linda Retterová
Dinosaurs Thuy Linh Dao Thi CZE
Dozing on Doomsday Kaori Ryo JPN
Bubi Jan Šrámek, Veronika Vlková CZE
Pretty Face Soňa Jelínková CZE
Decorado Alberto Vázquez ES, FRA
Oct-50 Alžběta Göbelová CZE
World of Tomorrow Don Hertzfeldt USA


Birthday Ivan Štrobl CZE
Woo-Hoo! Dávid Štumpf CZE
Happy End Jan Saska CZE
I Have No Idea How I Got Home Yesteday Petr Mischinger CZE
Penelope Heta Jaalinoja FIN
Tomato Confit Mayuko Yamakita JPN
Gambler Michaela Režová CZE
I Was a Winner Jonas Odell SWE
Blackout Sharron Mirsky CAN
Bob’s Birthday Alison Snowden and David Fine CAN, GBR

The Aftermath of a Loss

Three Fitted Flies María Álvarez and Elisa Morais ES, LT
S P A C E S Nora Štrbová CZE
Dam Klára Břicháčková CZE
Journey Birds Daphna Awadish ISR, IT
Viliam Veronika Obertová SVK
Crazy Little Thing Ono Hana JPN
Caldeira Julie Bousquet, Estelle Hocquet, Catherine Manesse FRA
Pineapple Calamari Kasia Nalewajka GBR

Natures’s Comeback 

Return to Adriaport Adéla Babanová CZE
5 Metres 80 Nicolas Deveaux FRA
Peripheria David Coquart-Dassault FRA
Garden Party lorian Babikian, Vincent Bayoux, Victor Caire, Théophile Dufresne, Gabriel Grapperon, Lucas Navarro FRA
Forest Daniela Hýbnerová CZE
Wildebeest Nicolas Keppens & Matthias Phlips BEL
Why I don’t have homework Michaela Mihalyi CZE
Pandas Matúš Vizár CZE, SVK

The Last Straw

Luke and Lotta Renata Gasiorowska POL
Enough Anna Mantzaris GBR
Dogs Mind Peter Millard GBR
Balcony Dávid Dell’Edera HU
Klementhro Ben Mitchell GBR
I wanna be your friend Iku Ogawa JAP
Anyone for Tennis? Monne Lindström SWE
Mr. Badger Martin Máj, Karel Czech CZE

Regroup, Recuperate, Restart

Initials – Daniela Hýbnerová Daniela Hýbnerová CZE
Initials – Daria Kashcheeva Daria Kashcheeva CZE
The Oasis Daria Kashcheeva CZE
Waves Vojtěch Domlátil CZE
200 000 Phantoms Jean-Gabriel Périot FRA
Bear with Me Daphna Awadish NL
Kyrielle Boris Labbé FRA
A Very Large Increase in the Size, Amount, or Importance of Something Over a Very Short Period of Time Max Hattler DE, RUS, GBR
In A Pig’s Eye Atsushi Wada JPN
Get Yourself Together Tereza Motýlová CZE
Mimoptera Shizuka Miyazaki JPN
Woman’s Day Evgeny Terpugov CZE
Cloudy Filip Diviak, Zuzana Čupová CZE

Cover picture: Jan Saska – Happy End