29.6. - 3.7.2016

Anča Award

We can’t live without cosmos / Mi ne mozhem zhit bez kosmosa (RU)

director: Konstantin Bronzit

“The winner of Anča Award is a pure character animation. Human emotions, friendship and an Olympic-like strong will are brilliantly expressed through subtle actions. The character`s personalities don`t need dialogue, they show through the animation. The film´s visual humour and narrative are constantly surprising. All these elements make the winning film a stunning piece that tells a universal story about the important things in life.”

Tomm Moore Special Mention
The Sleepwalker / Sonambulo  (CA)
director: Theodore Ushev
„To a beautiful and mesmerising abstract animation that evoked surrealist paintings while working perfectly with the musical soundtrack. A piece of pure animated filmmaking.“

Tunde Volenbroek Special Mention
World of Tomorrow (USA)
director: Don Hertzfeldt
“To a film that makes you think about the big things in life and at the same time how small life is when compared to the universe. The film´s script is intense and full of wit. Its minimalistic design tells exactly enough, nothing more, nothing less. A great concept well told.”

Alexandra Hetmerová Special Mention
Isle of Seals (LV)
director: Edmunds Jansons
“I appreciated its great sound design combined with many well-thought visual jokes. It is a minimalistic film, but a powerful one.”


Anča Student Award

The Bigger Picture (GB)

director: Daisy Jacobs

“The winner of the Anča Student Award honestly depicts the struggles of two brothers caring for their elderly mother- a story rarely told in animation. The film´s strong dialogues are complimented by symbolic actions displaying the brothers` moods and a beautiful technique we haven`t seen before. The choice of stop-motion animation and real objects is a good one to express the feeling of daily life.”

Anča Music Video Award

Hey Now (GB)

director: Chris Ullns

The music video that wins the Anča Music Video Award stands out because it created a magical environment using the play of light and nature. The film has a delicate balance between the sound and the visuals.

Anča Music Video Special Mention 1
New Topia (USA)
director: Adam Fuchs (aka “lilfuchs”)
“For a well executed journey through symbolism and graphic design, we award a SPECIAL MENTION to the music video NEW TOPIA by Adam Fuchs.”

Anča Music Video Special Mention 2
The Trip (BR)
réžia: Antonio Vicentini
“For a simple and clever combination of sound and image that attracts the audience with its flow, we award a SPECIAL MENTION to the music video THE TRIP by Antonio Vicentini.”


Anča Slovak Award

Half Bábka (SK, BE)

director: Jasmine Elsen

Anča Award

“The winning film of Anča Slovak Award was selected for the intelligent, witty and yet touching way it treats the topic of loneliness. We also appreciate the creative international collaboration which is a proof of the meaningfulness of the Erasmus student mobility.”

Anča Slovak Special Mention
Nina (SK)
director: Ové Pictures (Veronika Obertová, Michaela Čopíková)
“For telling the story of overcoming inner fears in an interesting way, both from the artistic and technical points of view, we award a Special Mention to Nina (Ové Pictures).”


Anča Kids´ Award

Zebra (DE)

director: Julia Ocker

Anča Kids´ Special Mention
Bear Story (CL)
director: Gabriel Osorio


Fest Anča New Talents
The End (SK)
author: Dávid Štumpf, Michaela Mihalyiová


Anča D Award
Kovbojsko (SK)
director: Dávid Štumpf


Anča d Award
Aion (SK)
director: Petra Heleninová

15.11. 2015