29.6. - 3.7.2016

Fest Anča Presents Slovak Competition Film Selection

This year Fest Anča International Animation Festival will screen the Slovak premiere of several domestic and foreign films. Thanks to our cooperation with the Literary Fund, these films can be awarded the Anča Slovak Award of €600.

The competition of animated short films enrolled 1241 pictures this year, including 26 from Slovakia. The pre-selection committee has chosen the following in alphabetical order:

Balloon Girl by Martina Frajštáková

Brother Deer by Zuzana Žiaková

Spirit of the CityJana Kirschner, by Andrej Kolenčík & Veronika Kocourková

Holiday – Monikino kino by Marek Mati, Katarína Šuhajová, Lucia Šohajdová, Barbora Krejčová, Filip Ciho, Tamara Shawkatová, Ivan Gálik, Martina Budziňáková, Ester Nemcová, Alžbeta Halušková, Eva Husárová, Jakub Lysý, Šimon Chovan (under the supervision of : Ján Šicko, Veronika Obertová)

Mila Fog by Marta Prokopová

Occupation by Martina Mikušová

Rules of the Game by Ondrej Rudavský

Star Taxi by Juraj Krumpolec

The film awarded the Anča Slovak Award will be chosen by an expert jury during the festival in June. “The Slovak selection is once again full of remarkable works,” evaluated the festival’s programme director Maroš Brojo. “We are very pleased there have been so many films in our country this and last year that we have put them into a separate competitive section. Some are truly word-class and there is much for viewers to look forward to.”

Several Slovak films have already had the opportunity to become known almost worldwide. For example, Juraj Krumpolec’s Star Taxi has been seen at festivals in Ireland, USA, Poland, Greece, Croatia, Spain and the UK. The adventurous story is based on a fairy tale by the master of children’s books, Gianni Rodari. It is about little Hugo and distracted taxi driver Peppino who are crossing the dangerous universe. At the speed of light plus one meter they are running from the wild monsters of Aldebaran. “We were trying to recreate the world-recognised author’s work in order to retain the playfulness and humour typical of his work, whilst also giving it something unique and contemporary,” revealed the film’s director in an interview for RTVS.

Mila Fog by Marta Prekopová has been introduced at festivals in Spain and France. In this poetic animated short, the main character is a fox who tries to escape the everyday grey routine into the world of her thoughts. In captivating forest details the fox seeks inner freedom and awakening. Poetics also dominate Ondrej Rudavský’s Rules of the Game, the ballad Brother Deer by Zuzana Žiaková, and the animated poem Occupation by Martina Mikušová.

The Slovak selection’s two music videos are: Holiday and Spirit of the City. The former was created for the formation Monikino kino by students from the Department of Visual Communication of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava during a workshop under the supervision of Veronika Obertová and Ján Šicko. Spirit of the City has already gained considerable acclaim. It was created by Andrej Kolenčík and Veronika Kocourková to the song by Jana Kirschner. “When we were approached by Jana Kirschner to cooperate we were delighted to accept. We were initially surprised by her vision of the video clip as an eight-bit video game, as we knew her previous production and at first thought we couldn’t imagine it,” revealed the film makers in a Denník N Daily interview. “But when we heard Spirit of the City, we immediately knew that the aesthetics and colours of an old video game would perfectly match the song.”

As well as the Anča Slovak Award, Slovak films will also be competing for the Anča D Award, awarded in cooperation with the Film Europe Media Company. The Anča D Award winning film will be screened at Slovak cinemas before a feature film distributed by the Film Europe Media Company. As our festival director Žofia Bosáková evaluated: “Cinema distribution is the best prize a film can receive. Thanks to the Anča D Award, Slovak films will reach thousands of viewers. We are glad to provide this opportunity – as the only festival to do so in Slovakia.” Last year Cowboyland by David Stumpf won the Anča D Award, and will be introduced on 12 May as a pre-film of the feature-length drama Far from Men (FR) inspired by the western film genre.

You will have the opportunity to see the Slovak animated films competition at this year’s Fest Anča International Animation Festival from 29 June to 3 July in Žilina.

06.04. 2016