Short and Student Film Competition Jury

Robert Morgan / United Kingdom

Robert Morgan is a BAFTA nominated director, writer and animator. He was raised in the cursed town of Yateley, England. At the tender age of three, he developed a passion for cinema when he saw Fiend Without a Face (1958) on an 8mm projector. As a result, he became a weird kid obsessed with monsters and things that hide under rocks. He studied Animation at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, before making a series of short films that have been screened at hundreds of international film festivals including Sundance, Rotterdam and Clermont-Ferrand. He works in both live-action and animation, and is currently preparing some new films. He lives in a haunted house in London.

Éva Katinka Bognár / Hungary

Éva Katinka Bognár is a director from Budapest, Hungary. She graduated from the animation MA programme at MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design) with the award-winning short film Hugo Bumfeldt. She started teaching at the same university in 2016, and besides directing and developing animation films she also works as a concept artist and children’s book illustrator.

Pavel Horáček / Česká republika

Pavel Horáček was born in České Budějovice, Czech Republic. He graduated in Film History and Audiovisual Culture from Masaryk University in Brno, devoting his thesis to means of expression and specific animation techniques, namely in Czech animated films. For three years, he worked as programme director at the AniFest International Festival of Animated Films in Teplice. Since 2013 Pavel has been working as MFAF Anifilm programme director in Třeboň. He is an initiator and dramaturge of the internet portal, freely presenting original works of animation. He has curated three DVD anthologies of Czech animation, released by the Institute of Czech Animation. He was also the catalogue editor for Jiří Trnka’s Studio exhibition. He prepares prefilms and special programmes of animated films for institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad. He has worked with the Festival of Film Animation and Contemporary Art PAF Olomouc and the Animania Festival in Pilsen. Pavel occasionally writes about film and animation, and is a jury member of various international festivals.

Music Video Competition Jury

Kostas Pataridis / Greece

Kostas Pataridis is also known as Navis of the demogroup ASD, a collective that has been dedicated to making real-time audio-visual experiences since 1992. His educational background is electronic engineering and medical imaging. He worked in computer games (2001–2007) as a programmer, and then in medicine and new-media (with London-based Seeper). Pataridis has recently been involved in the algorithmic design of 3D cameras and VR reconstruction with Tel Aviv-based Mantis. Robot vision, visual arts, computer graphics, and the demoscene really rock his boat – and he loves the VJing scene!

Heidi Hörsturz / Netherlands

Media artist Heidi Hörsturz specialises in audiovisual performance, video- and sound art. Her animations, live shows and installations combine contemporary art and modern trash aesthetics. She has published a series of limited sound art vinyl and audiotapes, which look into the connection between noise, artificial overstimulation and constructed visual associations.
A thematic emphasis of her work is the contemporary social need to achieve overstimulation over rapidly shortening attention spans. The search for shocking information and sexual content, and the yearning for a colourful world, strive to replace current depression.

Beáta Kolbašovská / Slovakia

Beáta Kolbašovská is a new media artist from Slovakia. Her focus is site specific, video installations, vjing, live acts, and multimedia performances. She creates interactive installations calibrated for a special space and the atmosphere of a particular event with sensitive social overtones. In her work ephemeral moments are used for communication between artists and participants. She uses collaboration with other artists in various performances as reflection for experimental and perception research. She founded the Nano VJ’s visual label, which creates experimental video/3D mapping, live acts and collaborates with contemporary dancers, theatres, performers, animators and musicians.

Special Guests

Barry Purves / United Kingdom

Barry’s films have won over sixty major international awards, including OSCAR and BAFTA nominations. He has given numerous animation training courses and has held workshops about animation – and particularly acting for animation – at colleges around the world, and at all major U.S. studios, including DreamWorks, PDI, Pixar, and Will Vinton. Barry has also directed and animated some 70 commercials, title sequences, and animation inserts for films and pop promos. His book Stop Motion: Passion, Process and Performance was published in 2008 by Focal Press. Six of his films with commentaries and interviews were issued on DVD by Potemkin in 2008 as Barry Purves: His Intimate Lives. His second book Stop-motion was published in 2010 by AVA Publishing. He is a regular festival jury member and advisor.

Paul Bush / United Kingdom

Paul Bush is a filmmaker most known for experimental stop-frame animation. He has won numerous awards and his films have been shown at festivals, cinemas, galleries and on television around the world. There have been retrospective programmes of his films recently in USA, Canada, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary and the UK. He began teaching in 1981 and established a film workshop in South London. He taught on the visual arts course at Goldsmiths between 1995 and 2001, and at the National Film and Television School since 2003. Bush has lectured, run workshops and tutored at numerous art and film courses around the world including Luzern University, Centro Sperimentali di Cinematografia in Italy, and the Royal College of Art. He now teaches on the visual arts course at Harvard.


Thomas Renoldner / Austria

Thomas Renoldner has been working in music, painting, film, installation and performance since sixteen years of age. Thomas studied psychology and educational theory at Innsbruck and Salzburg universities, and painting and animated film at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna. In 1994 he made Rhythm 94 – his diploma film. Since 2007 he has led the Animation Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. His most recent animated film Sunny Afternoon was awarded, among others, an Honorary Mention at the 19th IFF Etiuda&Anima 2012. Thomas has produced several research projects about the history of Austrian animation since 1998. His most recent publication – Die Kunst des Einzelbilds – Animation in Österreich 1832 bis heute, prepared with Sabine Groschup, Mara Mattuschka and Christian Dewald – was published by Film Archive Austria in 2010. He has been the curator of Animation Avantgarde programs at the Vienna Independent Shorts Film Festival since 2009, and director of the One Day Animation Festival in Vienna since 2005. In 2010, Thomas Renoldner was one of the 25 experts who composed the list of 50 best animated films of the International Animated Film Association’s last half century as part of the ASIFA 50×50 poll.

Milan Stančo / Slovakia

I was born in the Northern coast of Slovakia, but nowadays I exist in the capital. I love visual art that is what I study and do it. I have established the brand Pangea Boards, where we, together with the guys, transform our knowledge and skills into visual tangible art.

Yves Paradis / Canada

Yves is a Canadian animator that studied traditional and 3D animation in Montreal. Up to this day he made three shorts films(2 students and 1 independent) and co-realized two more independent shorts films. Hes is now living in Germany while creating independent movies and working as a freelancer.

Yuka Maeda / Japan

Yuka Maeda is an animator from Hokkaido, Japan.

Yano Honami / Japan, French Polynesia

Born in Japan in 1991. Studied abroad as an exchange student at Rhode Island School of Design in 2013. Graduated from Kyoto Seika University in 2015. Received master’s degree from Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Film and New Media, Department of Animation in 2017.

Vojtěch Domlátil / Czech Republic

Czech animator, illustrator and graphic designer. Assistant of Jiří Barta on West Bohemian University in Pilsen.

Vasily Kiselev / Russia

Vasily Kiselev was born in Leningrad, USSR back in 1984. He is interested in the world around, problems of perception, interpretation and exploration of colour and movement. Vasily started his work with painting and applications and gradually moved to puppetry and animation.

Valya Karnavalova / Russia

Valentina Karnavalova was born in Voronezh on 24.05.1990. Graduated St.Petersburg State Art University, restoration of stained glass department and St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television. In 2013 entered to the School-Studio of animation cinema “SHAR”.

Tomoyasu Murata / Japan

Director, writer, producer Tomoyasu Murata completed his master course in Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 2002.The graduation film work using the puppets titled Nostalgia received the best prize in the Animation Division at 5th Japan Media Festival Award in 2001.

Tarafu Otani / Japan

Tarafu Otani is a filmmaker. 1977 Born in Tokyo, Japan. 2000-2005 Work in film’s production as a graphics designer. 2004-2006 Join 6nin which is a group that consists of filmmakers, designer, musician, and programmer. 2008 Started to create artworks by myself.

Samaneh Shojaei / Iran

B.A of Fine Arts, Alzahra University and M.A of Moving image, the Art University of Tehran.

Roberto Voorbij / Netherlands

Roberto Voorbij (1974) lives and works in Amsterdam, holds a bachelor degree in Visual arts and Art History from the Utrecht School of Arts and has attended a.o. Advanced Sculpture from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he took classes from Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle during the late 1990s.

Rafael Sommerhalder / Switzerland

Born in Switzerland in 1974, Rafael Sommerhalder studied Film Direction at ECAL in Lausanne and Animation at the Royal College of Art in London. He lives and works as an animator/filmmaker in Zurich, Switzerland.

Peter Martinka / Slovakia

Peter Martinka in 2015 graduated from Animation at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava with the film I am jumping!.

Peter Cabarka / Slovakia

Peter studied Animation at the Academy of Animation.

Pavel Alexashin / Russia

Pavel Alexashin  is an animator from Russia. Graduated from the Ural Academy of Architecture and Arts in 2014. Now he studies the Czech language for education in Zlin, Czech Republic, to get the rank Mg.A.

Patxi Exequiel Aguirre / Germany

Born in Argentina and raised in Sweden, Germany and Switzerland. Patxi‘s true nationality is the one of animation and storytelling. After graduating from the German Filmakademie in 2015, he created Hippo Hop for Filmbilder, commercials and has also started working on a game.

Nika Zinoveva / Russia

Nika Zinoveva is an animator from Russia. Graduated from the Ural Academy of Architecture and Arts in 2014. Now she studies the Czech language for education in Zlin, Czech Republic, to get the rank Mg.A.

Nicolás Petelski / Spain

Born in Buenos Aires, studies Fine Arts in the Polytechnic Univeristy of Valenncia, Spain. Currently enroled in the Estonian Academy of Arts as an Erasmus student.

Nikita Liskov / Ukraine

1983 born in Ukraine.

Martina Mikušová / Slovakia

Martina Mikušová graduated from animation on the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. She was awarded by the Rector. With her bachelor film Essence she visited the Festival SICAF 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. Occupation (next film) was also in competition at the Slovak Fest Anča 2016.

Marta Magnuska / Poland

She lives and studies in Łódź. Animator, director, illustrator. Graduated from the Faculty of Graphics and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, with the diploma in editorial design and illustration.

Marko Dješka / Croatia

Marko Dješka was born in 1983 in Osijek, Croatia. While studding animation on Academy of Fine arts in Zagreb, his student film Slaughtered (2010) gets notable success on many festivals. His graduation short The Son of Satan (2012) won the audience award on Festival of Croatian animated film.

Marián Vredík / Slovakia

Currently a freelancer. From 2008-2014 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava at the Klaudio Kosziba studio mal+by. 2013 – internship at the Department of animation of the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. 2012 – internship at the Academy of Sztuk Pięknych in Wroclaw, Poland.

Luca Tóth / Hungary

Born in 1989 in Hungary, Luca Tóth studied animation at the Moholy­ Nagy School of Design (MOME) in Budapest and at the Royal College of Art in London. She received a number of awards for he graduation short film The Age of Curious, such as the jury distinction at the Annecy IAFF.

Liu Sha / China

Liu Sha was born in 1988. She graduated from the Center Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 2013. She previously worked as a motion graphic artist in various private companies and is currently doing freelance work in Beijing.

Konstantinas Danis / Lithuania

Never gratuaded from any university, Konstantinas Danis is doing just fine.

Julian Gallese / Costa Rica

Julian was born in Costa Rica in 1992, he’s been trying to make animated films ever since.

Jan Saska / Czech Republic

Jan Saska (*1987, Praha) is a Czech animation director and comics author. After graduating from Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín (Classical Animation studies), he now continues his studies at Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU). Happy End is his graduation film.

Irina Rubina / Germany

The Swirl of Life brought Irina to this world as a Muscovite. But the smell of fresh pretzels drew her to Germany. She jumped into art, then dove into the mathematical ocean but not for long time. At some point she found herself at the Filmakademie where she swims happily till now…

Amanda Piller / Switzerland

Amanda Piller is a digital and print media designer from Fribourg/CH. After five years of apprenticeship and one year of work she started her BA studies in film with a special focus on 3D animation at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Lucerne, where she graduated in summer 2015.

Aggie Pak Yee Lee / Estonia

Was born in 1989 in Hong Kong, where she obtained her BA. Later she also studied in Zagreb and Budapest for animated film. Her work draw inspiration from observing the potential of matter and the playful relationship between the flow of sound and of images.

Zdeno Hlinka / Slovakia

Zden Hlinka is active on the edge of software developer and digital artist. For a long time, he is engaging in developing of his unique artistic visual tools used for live projections and music videos making. In the last years, he is active again in online space and started to develop visual applications for the web. He changed performing of live visuals for more personal works at his studio and is open to new technological constructs and creative calls. His visual language oscillates between early aesthetics, video glitching, generative art and geometric minimalism. Roots of Zden’s visual works lay in the demoscene, considered as a form of digital graffiti.

Vanda Gabrišová / Slovakia

Is a product designer who is currently mainly working as a graphic designer and creates products for children. Apart from that she likes to stitch, has her own brand of clothing and accessories Norm. From time to time she is in charge of workshops where products from felt are created, but her skilful hand can make anything from different materials. She likes coffee, yoga and her two cats Kucuki San and Norika Fekete Dódi.

Táňa Zacharovská / Slovakia

Táňa Zacharovská studied sculpture and industrial design. She has been working in the game industry for 14 years, mainly in the domain of 2D and 3D graphics. She is currently working as an Art Director for Pixel Federation and at the same time, as Bored Monkey, develops the educational game Garbage Gobblers.

Rudolf Glasnák / Slovakia

My parents gave me the name Rudo and I kept it. Life gave an analytical mind and I am complicating my life with it every day. I digitise societies and try to protect humanity from the possible rise of an actual Terminator.

Rebekka Niederländer / Germany

Rebekka Niederländer studied game design at Mediadesign – Hochschule für Design und Informatik, and has worked on the multi-award winning iOS puzzle game Cubiverse. She is Mixtvision’s product & project manager.

Peter Ďurec / Slovakia

My name is Peter, even though it is probably only my mother who calls me that. I want to know and see a lot of things and in the best case even understand them. That is why I like to collect information, via communication and also media, which is what I am studying and would like to finish it, too.

Miro Straka / Austria

Born 1990 in Slovakia, Miro Straka studied architecture, is married, and lives in Vienna. He developed Euclidean Lands independently, alongside studies and work – it received Apple App Store Editor’s choice, Best of Show at GDC 2017, the Pocket Gamer Gold Award, and numerous overwhelmingly positive reviews from major gaming sites and players. The game was published by Kunabi Brother, developer and publisher of internationally acclaimed game Blek, also based in Vienna. Miro worked in various international architecture and tech offices, and is currently a technical director for VR projects at

Mina Mileva / Bulgaria

Mina graduated animated film directing in La Cambre Brussels and Sofia’s Film Academy. Her student shorts travelled a lot and received awards.
She entered the British animation industry in 1996 working as animation director/animator and line producer. Some of the titles include Disney feature films, BAFTA nominated series, music videos and commercials. In 2008, back in her native Bulgaria she founded Production Company Activist38 with Vesela Kazakova. Their acclaimed documentaries Uncle Tony, Three Fools and the Secret Service and The Beast is still alive had caused major controversy in Bulgaria but also achieved prestigious selections and international awards. Mina and Vesela are making their debut fiction and continue producing and directing documentaries and animation.

Michal Ferko / Slovakia

Michal Ferko teaches game programming at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics at the Comenius University (FMFI UK) since 2013. He has been working as an independent developer in his own game since 2016. They are currently developing a 2D action space shooter.

Eva Šošková / Slovakia

Mgr. art Eva Šošková, ArtD works at the department of audio-visual studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. During her studies she dealt with the issue of film sound which lead her to animated film. She specialises in Slovak animated film – its history and present. She regularly publishes in scientific journals (Kino Ikon, Slovenské divadlo, Homo Felix, and works closely with the Biennial of Animation Bratislava festival and Fest Anča, and she does curator and popularization activities. She lead a seminar of Current Slovak film at the Academy and a lecture History of Slovak cinema during the Erasmus project. She is working together with the Slovak Film Institute on the digitalisation project as a historian. Currently she is on a parental leave and is a member of the research collective for the grant Slovak cinematography after 1989.

Matěj Smetana / Czech Republic

Matěj Smetana is a visual artist who works with moving images in a broader context of the statement relating to topic’s conceptual approach, where boundaries between an artistic statement, science experiments, illustrations of natural phenomena or technological principles are very fragile. The art of Matěj Smetana has some features which go hand in hand with scientific discoveries. They are persistence, joy from accuracy, usage of known formulas in circumstances in which their effect has not been examined yet and the desire to look at something, that nobody has ever seen.

Mark Backler / United Kingdom

Mark has been working in the games industry for 11 years at companies such as EA, Lionhead, and Sony on games such as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Fable 2. He has now founded Fourth State and Sketchbook Games, and is working on Lost Words – a multi-award winning narrative adventure about a young girl aspiring to be a writer while dealing with the loss of her gran. It’s set between the pages of her diary and a fantasy land, and the game features a story written by Rhianna Pratchett. It ties the narrative into the gameplay in an unusual way, by having the player running on and interacting with the words in the diary to solve puzzles.

Marián Hrnčiar / Slovakia

I came into existence in 1989 and have been working in this world until now. I sell apples and change people’s lives. What I enjoy the most is to freeze moments with the help of photo and video devices.

Marek Plichta / Germany

Marek Plichta is a game designer and art director at Spaces of Play in Berlin. He worked on the weird adventure game Future Unfolding, the silly physical art game Ordnungswissenschaft, and the relaxing puzzle game Spirits, all of which received wide critical recognition around the world. He taught game design at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, Germany, and worked as an interaction designer for German Telekom Laboratories. Marek is passionate about experimental media and loves any form of physical movement.

Marek Hattas / Slovakia

A computer programmer, consultant in the non-profit sector and a father. In 2010, he started a community evolutionary game with his friends in a meadow called Hidepark. Attention! The game is still on.

Malvína Balvínová / Czech Republic

Malvína has graduated in Film and Theatre at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University in Prague. Since her studies she regularly published articles on animation in various magazines (Cinepur, Film a Doba, Loutkář, Revue filmového přehledu etc.) She co-operated with many international film festivals including Karlovy Vary IFF and Febiofest. Between 2009 and 2012 she worked as a dramaturge and programme coordinator of the AniFest festival (Teplice), where she coordinated animation workshops and follow-up screenings (AniFest Echoes). She worked as a dramaturge for two DVD selections of Czech animation (Nultá léta, 2011 and Female Filmmakers, 2012), presented Czech animation at the RICA Festival (France) and was a member of the jury at Animania festival. During 2013-15, she worked as a PR and marketing specialist in Barrandov Studios. Since 2014, she has been collaborating with Anifilm. She also participated in a course of drawn and 3D computer animation and several courses in the Czech News Agency academy. She made several animated shorts, two of which (Metamorfózy v pohybu, 2011 and Závislé vztahy, 2014) were awarded in the competition Aerokraťas.

Tamás Liszka / Hungary

Tamás studied philosophy, film theory and intermedia arts in Budapest, and works as an animation film producer and distributor since 2003. He is the founding director of Anilogue international animation film festival, and the lecturer of media design studies at Budapest Metropolitan University where he has also served as the leader of the department for four years. Currently he carries out his doctoral research on interactive filmmaking at the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest.

Jaromír Plachý / Czech Republic

Jaromír Plachý is an artist, animator and game developer. His cooperation with Amanita Design began with Machinarium and continued with Botanicula. Chuchel – set for release in 2017 – is his most recent project.

Ján Šicko / Slovakia

Ján Šicko creates and researches the domain of visual communication and new media. Since 2009 he has been doing it in his own DevKid Studio. Apart from his professional work in the field of graphic design and new media, he manages the MediaLab* – a laboratory researching limiting positions of graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. His free work ranges from animation to VJing, mapping for interactive installations and computer games.

Jana H. Hoffstädter / Slovakia

A German teacher, who specialises in education for adults. Apart from that she translates and wrote a children’s book and is basically writing all the time. Before that she wrote as an editor for the daily newspaper Sme, but that has really been some time ago. Nowadays she sometimes contributes to the online magazine Kurník. She also reads, nags and is addicted to coffee and sugar. She has a nine-year old son Edo.

Jakub Jablonski / Poland

Jakub Jablonski was born in Łódź in 1981. He studied painting and graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts and graduated from the National Film School in Łódź with a degree in animation and special effects. He joined Platige Image in 2008, where he currently directs game CGI trailers. At Juggler Games, Jakub is the creative director and lead artist working on My Memory of Us. He created the illustrations for Jacek Dukaj’s novel The Crowe, and designed all the visual elements for The Kinematograph directed by Tomek Bagiński. Recently Jakub directed and supervised art for CGI trailers and cinematics such as Total War: Warhammer 2, Frostpunk, Watch Dogs 2, Ryse Son of Rome, and Hitman.

Ivana Šáteková / Slovakia

She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Desing in Bratislava at Daniel Fisher’s workshop. Apart from painting she illustrates and embroiders. Folkore is a long term part of her artwork, but she works with other topics as well. She often talks about things that bug her and would like to change them. A liberal with a shoe number of a child has always jokes up her sleeve. She likes to draw and loves carousels. She has a three-year old son Fedor.

Eliott Johnson, Matthew Warshaw / United Kingdom

Eliott Johnson and Matthew Warshaw are UK-based artists and game developers who run Broken Fence Games. Their backgrounds are fine art, software engineering and visual effects. A Light In Chorus will be their first commercial videogame.

David Fernández Huerta / Spain, United Kingdom

David Fernández Huerta is the lead artist at Ustwo Games, where he’s working on the art direction of their next big secret thing. As part of Ustwo Games, he worked on the critically acclaimed Monument Valley and the virtual reality adventure Land’s End. He has been making games as a hobby for the last 20 years, and professionally for the last ten. With a background in illustration and film making, David has always sought new ways of telling stories and building worlds to engage people in ways that only an interactive medium can achieve.

Dan Da Rocha / United Kingdom

Dan is the MD at Toxic Games. Securing investment from Indie Fund straight out of university, Dan went on to create the award-winning indie game Q.U.B.E. – and then set up a full-time game studio. Six years on, he has produced games including the multi-award winning Hue and the upcoming Q.U.B.E. 2. Dan regularly attends and speaks at international events, and thrives on sharing knowledge, expertise, and learning new ways to do business in the ever-changing games industry.

Broňa Schragge / Slovakia

She studied graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and also animation at the faculty of film. Her best drawings are cute characters and animals for children. Nowadays she deals mainly with illustrations. Until recently she worked with a civic association Once upon a time there was a human, and she was at the creation of the brand Hento toto. Apart from visual arts she is also keen of music and plays cello in different musical groups. She loves tennis, having a cake while having coffee and is generally liked in a collective.

Andrej Sýkora / Czech Republic

Andrej Sýkora (1991) studies audio-visual art and manages the product development in a tech firm. He deals mainly with interactive media and procedural generation in artistic practice. Since 2016 he works in the founding team at the department of game design of the Film and Tv School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

Adam Wojciechowski / Poland

Adam Wojciechowski received a PhD degree in computer science, specialization: computer graphics and vision, from the Silesian University of Technology. The degree of DSc, in computer science, he received in 2014 from the Czestochowa University of Technology. Since 1999 he is working continuously at the Institute of Information Technology, Lodz University of Technology. Since 2016 he holds a position of vice-Dean for Development and Business Cooperation at the Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics, Lodz University of Technology. Since 2016 he is also a vice-chairman of the GameInn Steering Committee in the National Centre for Research and Development. He is the University Rector representative in the Lodz Game Dev Cluster and Faculty Dean representative in the ICT Central Poland Cluster. He is currently a member of several international research associations, i.e.: IEEE Computer Society, Association for Computing Machinery (senior member). He is a main organiser of International Conference on Game Innovations and National Game Development Competition. He is a member of editorial board of the International Conference on Multimedia, Interaction, Design and Innovation and International Journal of Machine Graphics and Vision.