Anča in Mordor 1

Station Žilina Záriečie: Container
Duration 56:50

Fest Anča introduces a special section for viewers with very particular tastes –  screenings that share one distinctive feature: after seeing the films, the world will never look quite the same. Mordor’s gates are inching open frame by frame…

Dancing Queen

directed by Simon Falk

year: 2015
country: CA
duration: 01:50
Dancing Queen (2015) is a short animation that is best described as the love-child of Dance Dance Revolution and Robot Chicken - a montage of dancing drag queens in 1980s – ’90s graphic design. The film intersects 3D and stop motion animation, digital mark making, dance and fashion illustration.


directed by Maksim Vasilievich Naydenko (a.k.a. Maxima Artis Kosmopolites)

year: 2017
country: RU
duration: 04:29
One man starts to think that he can replace God by using modern warfare devices…


directed by Jeron Braxton

year: 2016
country: US
duration: 13:23
An unconscious boxer’s dream in a video game, whose subconscious is a surreal reflection of our modern world.

Balloons / Globos

directed by Jose Maria Saravia

year: 2016
country: AR
duration: 03:33
A story of love and balloons.


directed by Marie-Noëlle Moreau Robidas

year: 2015
country: CA
duration: 05:14
Quid: a term used in Ancient Greece to explain the phenomena of vision. Starting from man, the fire of the soul hits matter, then bounces towards the eye.

Still Life

directed by Kevin Eskew

year: 2015
country: US
duration: 03:30
Et tu doggy?

Construction Planning / Projekt výroby stavieb

directed by Pavol Bláha

year: 2017
country: SK
duration: 02:25
Old university textbook cut-ups vs. Windows 95 startup sound.

Any Road

directed by Boris Labbé

year: 2016
country: FR
duration: 10:04
“…as long as I get somewhere,” Alice added as an explanation. (Lewis Carroll: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)

Meishi Smile: Belong

directed by Yuka Maeda

year: 2016
country: JP
duration: 04:30
A nightmarish vision of warped anime characters, foetal pigs, blood, static, deconstructing mass media, and the hypocrisy of human nature.


directed by Boris Labbé

year: 2016
country: FR
duration: 07:52
A trip towards abstraction as a hypothesis on how mountains might have formed.