Anča in Mordor 2

Station Žilina Záriečie: Container
Duration 57:09

Fest Anča introduces a special section for viewers with very particular tastes –  screenings that share one distinctive feature: after seeing the films, the world will never look quite the same. Mordor’s gates are inching open frame by frame…


directed by Nastya Bespal

year: 2016
country: RU
duration: 03:34
A story based on Hansel and Gretel by the Grimm brothers.

Alien Gardens

directed by Andrea Riba

year: 2016
country: MX
duration: 04:32
This stop-motion takes a turn on the cynical, apocalyptic view of the future, and instead turns to the idea that sustainability and cooperation will save us all.

Secret Sounds

directed by Simon Muskitta, Stephan van den Brink

year: 2016
country: NL
duration: 06:17
A journey through emotions and objects that are usually inaudible. By taking nine inaudible subjects, Simon and Stephan want to share their perspective on the relationship between images and sound. Why are there sounds? What does sound mean? And why do we get certain feelings from a sound?

It Is My Fault

directed by Liu Sha

year: 2016
country: CN
duration: 04:50
This work utilizes a distinctive approach to digital media to deconstruct and form a subliminal synesthetic experience for the mind.


directed by Davorin Marc

year: 2016
country: SI
duration: 03:42
Animation of still frames with sound. Taken from the digital version of the Super 8 film La Popolazione (The Population) by Davorin Marc, 1982.

The Laughing Spider / Waraukumo

directed by Keiichi Tanaami

year: 2016
country: JP
duration: 07:24
The memory of early childhood aerial attacks always give a strong stimuli and inexplicable disquiet to my creations.

The Tragic Bulb / Le bulbe tragique

directed by Guillaume Vallée

year: 2016
country: CA
duration: 06:05
Ephemeral traces of nothingness. Rotoscoping farmers and crumbling churches. Dying memories as hand-painted layers. Decay & collage on film emulsion as incidental traces of nothingness. A work aware of its own mechanism.


directed by Amanda Piller

year: 2015
country: CH
duration: 05:45
On his untroubled way, an individual unexpectedly finds himself in a precarious situation. He slowly loses control of his ambition and himself.

Moon Blink

directed by Rainer Kohlberger

year: 2015
country: AT
duration: 10:00
A code-generated video that highlights the unique aesthetic decision-making of its narrative model.

RGB Colour Model

directed by Blanca Rego

year: 2016
country: ES
duration: 05:00
Digital animation based on the additive synthesis RGB colour model. The shapes move and overlap in a constant flicker that generates complementary colours and entoptic phenomena, assaulting the eyeballs and assassinating viewers’ normative consciousness.