Anča in Wonderland 1

Station Žilina Záriečie: Outdoor
Duration 67:54

 To shortlist the weirdest people in the world would be a tough, unrewarding and thankless task.

In contrast, selecting the bizarrest films submitted to Fest Anča is a very rewarding, interesting and instructive task. That’s why this section presents films from behind the looking glass.”

In a Circle / U krug

directed by Slavoljub Simonović

year: 2015
country: CS
duration: 03:17
All living things on our planet are mutually dependant. A bee carries pollen from flower to flower to pollinate them and continue plant life on Earth.

Kid-man / Kodomo-man

directed by Mikio Saito

year: 2015
country: JP
duration: 10:01
The story of a short kid that wants to grow taller, set in a strange world reminiscent of a role-play game. There is a “Father shop,” a monster-like alien from Mars, and a tall phantom. Is this reality or only in the kid’s dream?


directed by Hannah Stroud-Watts

year: 2015
country: AU
duration: 02:03
An elderly woman is disgruntled when she discovers there is no milk left to feed her cat, resulting in an unwanted trip to the shops.

Mr. Anxiety Goes on a Date

directed by 4inaroom

year: 2016
country: RO
duration: 00:30
A man suffering from extreme anxiety prepares for a date. A one-day project by 4inaroom completed on 17 October 2016.

What A Peaceful Day / 他奶奶的一天

directed by Eden (Kai-Hsun) Chan

year: 2016
country: TW
duration: 04:45
An old lady heads to the woods seeking peace and quiet. She has a chance encounter with a hunter collecting antlers, and a conflict arises...

The Ripper

directed by Dilshan Tharusha Marasinghe

year: 2015
country: LK
duration: 04:57
Far, far away is Saint Dumas, a small peaceful town…until a group of guys start causing chaos. So one day, Saint Dumas’s saviour emerges from the shadows and rises from the ashes to stop their antics once and for all… the Ripper!

Right in Front of the Nose / A um Palmo do Nariz

directed by Marco Arruda

year: 2016
country: BR
duration: 03:12
A guy freaks out when he realizes his aged hand.

Half of my Peepee

directed by Atilim Kozmonot

year: 2017
country: TR
duration: 01:31
The day came and little Berkcan’s father brought him circumcision clothes. The meaning of the ‘circumcision’ is cutting half a piece from the little boy’s peepee… which he didn’t know before the event. And he fell into a deep fear and surreal thoughts about this religious tradition.

Hi, It’s Your Mother

directed by Daniel Sterlin-Altman

year: 2016
country: AU
duration: 04:53
Mum’s calling, and Lisa isn’t pleased. Hi, It’s Your Mother is a shocking tragi-comedic stop-motion short about family and blood(y) ties.

Night night / Shab bekheyr

directed by Golnaz Moghaddam

year: 2016
country: IR
duration: 01:40
Saying good night to his son, the Dad finds that his kid is no longer in bed. The nightmare begins…


directed by Jamie Wolfe

year: 2016
country: US
duration: 03:15
Roommates is the chronicle of four city dwellers pushed to breaking point. On a day hot enough to liquidize an orange twinsicle, the inhabitants of apartment 6B bash their heads on the kitchen table and tie their necks in knots, driven psychotic by the heat.

Bump Classique

directed by Ben Wheele

year: 2015
country: GB
duration: 03:40
Please don’t explode…

Utki-indoutki / Утки-индоутки

directed by Alina Mikhailova

year: 2016
country: RU
duration: 02:10
Even if your love lives on the other side of the world – let nothing get in your way!

Onion / Onión

directed by Juan Pablo Zaramella

year: 2016
country: AR
duration: 22:00
Jessica assists to a yoga class that may expand her universe in an extreme way.