DAY AFTER at Fest Anča 2020 in Retrospect

2020 is the year when history is being constantly rewritten and it has brought many dark moments upon us. The award-winning films from Fest Anča 2020 are also gloomy. No wonder, the theme of the festival was DAY AFTER and this theme is increasingly seeping into our daily reality. While we were thinking about it more thank a year ago, we would never have imagined how much we would hit the nail on the head and capture the spirit of the time. Is it fate?

This year’s winning film, I’m Going Out For Cigarettes by Osman Cerfon comes from France . The film has won many awards at other festivals and discusses the relationship of the missing parental figure in the life of a teenage boy. You can see the whole movie here:

Special Mention was given to the Estonian film Kosmonaut by Kaspar Jancis. It captures a life of a retired astronaut who refuses to take on his extraterrestrial lifestyle. Check out his trailer:

Anča Student Award went to a film from the Danish production – Tom has a plant about Tom, who copes with the feeling that he does not belong anywhere. You may watch the full film here:

Special Mention from the student jury went to to the film Little Soul from Poland  about decomposition. It enchanted the jury with the beauty of ugliness. You can watch the trailer here:

The category of video clips also remains in the dark mood. The Anča Music Video Award was awarded to the video for the song Tíseň (Unease)  from the project P / \ ST and its authors are Bety Suchanová, Nora Štrbová and you can see it here:

Video clip which earned the Special Mention by Caleb Wood for the song Blow To The Head by Lightning Bolt is also in line with the these as you may see here:

Anča Slovak Award was awarded to the film printed entirely on risomat by Michaela Mihályi & David Štumpf – SH_T HAPPENS, in which an exhausted handyman, his sexually frustrated wife and a widowed deer drowning her suffering in alcohol meet and together they enable an absurd triangle of events. You can see the trailer here:


Even children competition did not escape the gloomy and disastrous mood. The popularity of the Slovak evening show for kids Tresky Plesky (Ka-boom!) by Veronika Kocourková that received Special Mention from the jury.


And last but not least, the children’s jury’s award went to the film by the Greek filmmaker Fokion Xenos, Heatwave, in which two children find a way to cool everyone down on a hot day!

We hope that this little excursion reminded you of the pleasant moments spent at Fest Anča and we look forward to seeing you again in less than 10 months!