FOCUS: Women in Animation

How we view the world has mainly been shaped for centuries by men. Whether historically or in art, the male perspective was considered the norm. Although we would like to think that the situation is different today, we still struggle with prejudice. And the male narrative, which systematically silences other groups (including women), is still considered the right one.

Thanks to the relentless battle for the rights of oppressed and neglected groups, there is no longer just one ‘right’ narrative. Singularity has broken into pluralities, but the barrier of old traditions is not completely broken, and gender (in)equality remains a major social issue. 

Hence this year’s Fest Anča is focusing on Women in Animation – female authors and heroines, seeing the world from their perspective. Because art, especially cinematography, is mainly about perspective – the perspective of the filmmakers, characters, and audiences. And it is precisely how we look at things that directly affects how we perceive them. 

Through a selection of short animated films, we aim to disrupt the male gaze which portrays and views female characters through a male lens, seeing them mainly as sexual objects for the pleasure of the straight male viewer. At Fest Anča, we want to highlight the female gaze which represents women as complex characters with their own desires, fears, and opinions – without objectifying them.

In addition to the female/male gaze phenomenon, our film collection also explores gender and queer topics, motherhood, physicality, sex, as well as the representation of women in mythology and folklore. The film blocks are accompanied by discussions with personalities connected with this topic, such as ethnologist Katarína Nádaská, drag queen Cherry Tree Wood, and director/visual artist Gabriela Gažová. 

This year’s thematic focus provides perspectives that look at the world mainly through a female lens. Perspectives that disrupt the binary and lead to more fluidity. Perspectives that represent a longing for a world in which women, men, and everyone else live as equals.

– Jakub Spevák, Focus Curator



THROUGH HER EYES (discussion with Radka Mikšík)

Kamakura Yoriko Mizushiri 2013
Sea Child Minha Kim 2015
Winter in the Rainforest Anu-Laura Tuttelberg 2019
Volcano Island Anna Katalin Lovrity 2017
Love Soldiers Chloe Feinberg 2017
Cosmoetico Martina Scarpelli 2015
It’s Wet! Nan Huang, Alexis Godard 2018
Mirror in Mind Seunghee Kim 2014
Slug Life Sophie Koko Gate 2018
Mila Fog Marta Prokopová 2015

IN THE WORLD OF MEN (discussion with Gabriela Gažová)

Terra Nullius Martina Frajštáková 2011
You Are Overreacting Karina Paciorkowska 2018
Contact Mari Kivi 2018
Minerals Pernille Kjaer 2016
12 Years Daniel Nocke 2009
Lursaguak. Scenes from Life Izibene Oñederra 2019
High Summer Josselin Facon 2016
The Noise of Licking Nadja Andrasev 2016
Call of Cuteness Brenda Lien 2017
Mei Ling Stéphanie Lansaque, François Leroy 2009

SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN (discussion with Cherry Tree Wood)

Queere Tiere Ana Angel 2017
Life with Herman H. Rott Chintis Lundgren 2015
Cut Dar Laor 2015
All Those Sensations in My Belly Marko Dješka 2020
Tamou Tom Prezman, Tzor Edery 2020
Oneself Story Géraldine Charpentier 2018
Entropia Flóra Anna Buda 2019
Scum Mutation Ov 2020

MY BODY BELONGS TO ME (discussion with Lotta Love)

Body World Kitty Faingold 2017
Teat Beat of Sex: episodes 1 – 3 Signe Baumane 2007
A Date Michaela Mihályi 2019
Occupation Martina Mikušová 2016
A Blink of an Eye Kiana Naghshineh 2018
Flesh Camila Kater 2019
Venus Tor Fruergaard 2010
Tram Michaela Pavlátová 2012
#polish_women_resistance 49 animators from Łódź 2020
Pussy Renata Gąsiorowska 2016

MOMMIE DEAREST (discussion with Soňa Očkášová)

Oh Mother! Paulina Ziolkowska 2017
The Little One Diana Cam Van Nguyen 2017
Chado Dominica Harrison 2020
Flood Malte Stein 2018
Mythopolis Alexandra Májová 2013
Xmas Story about a Saleswoman Matouš Valchář 2018
In Her Boots Kathrin Steinbacher 2019
Half Puppet Jasmine Elsen 2014
Sura Jeong Haeji 2020

BURN, WITCH, BURN (discussion with Katarína Nádaská)

God-Mother Nina Paley 2018
Among the Black Waves Anna Budanova 2016
Chimera Caleb Wood 2018
Red Shoes Anna Podskalská 2021
Woolly Wolf Vera Neubauer 2001
The Present Joe Hsieh 2013
Crossing Agáta Bolaňosová 2018
The Goddess Lisandro Schurjin 2018


Fest Anča International Animation Festival 2022 is financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and LITA Fund. The event was supported from public funds by the Slovak Arts Council. Women in Animation, Fest Anča’s 2022 thematic focus, is an implementation of the Student Forum Fest Anča. 

The Student Forum Fest Anča benefits from a EUR 120,609 grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through EEA Grants. The project has received co-financing from the State Budget of the Slovak Republic of EUR 18,091. The aim of the project is to work with attendees, promote international mobility and cooperation between European schools, share knowledge and skills, and compare animation teaching methods across Europe.