Identity is always plural – A Word From Fest Anča 2019 Focus Curator

Diana Cam Van Ngyuen – The Little One (CZ)

Nobody can be defined with a single word. Whist it may be convenient for society to label and sort us into simplistic categories (sportsperson, intellectual, puritan, bohemian, man, woman, etc), in fact our identity – our self-image – resists being pigeon-holed as this or that. The self is always a combination of various compartments – some bigger, others smaller – that open and close as we grow and develop and our identities evolve.

This year’s Fest Anča aims to reflect the complexity and individuality of human identity in six screening sections – with each taking a different approach. “Stranger Danger” reveals the pitfalls of isolation, exclusion and fear of the unknown. “None of Your Business” considers how people associate their identity with their jobs and their work success (or failure). “Growing Pains” examines the hardships of growing up and searching for one’s own voice, while “Family Ties” reminds us that even after growing up it’s impossible to escape our families’ influence. The last two sections focus on the specific language of animated film, highlighting its efficiency at illustrating hidden feelings and thoughts (“It’s All in My Head”), and the use of animals as alter-egos, funny or melancholic metaphors for complex human characters and identities (“Our Spirit Animals”).


Eliška Děcká, 2019 Focus Curator

A list of films that will be screened as part of Focus: Identity

Stranger Danger

City Paradise Gaelle Denis GB 2004
Prague: A Foreigners’ Perspective Daria Kashcheeva CZ 2017
19 20 18 Andrea Szelesová CZ 2018
Volkswagen Commercial Ové Pictures SK 2016
Untravel Ana Nedeljkovic, Nikola Majdak Jr. SRB, SK 2018
Children of Concrete Jonathan Phanhsay-Chamson FR 2017
Nazli in Zlín Âkile Nazlı Kaya CZ 2004
The Little One Diana Cam Van Nguyen CZ 2017
Where is my Home? Manri Kim CZ 2018
Fifty years later Ekaterina Bessonova CZ 2018
An Alien Martin Máj CZ 2013

None of Your Business

Roni Andrea Schneider CH 2011
Our Street Petra Feňďová CZ 2017
Off Season Nicolas Capitaine, Céline Desoutter, Lucas Durkheim, Léni Marotte FR 2017
I Don’t Feel Anything Anymore Noémie Marsily, Carl Roosens CA 2016
Ama Julie Robert, Juliette Peuportier, Liang Huang, Mansoureh Kamari, Tony Unser FR 2015
Intimity Elodie Dermange CH 2017
Wildfire Hugues Opter, Pierre Pinon, Nicole Stafford, Valentin Stoll, Arnaud Tribout, Shang Zhang FR 2015
Dodek Nora Štrbová CZ 2017
Museum Guard Alexander Gratzer AT 2016
Morning Cowboy Elena Pomares, Fernando Pomares ES 2017

Growing Pains

The Brown’s Daughter Coline Brun-Naujalis GB 2011
Supergirl Henrique Barone USA 2017
Next Door Letters Sascha Fülscher, Vanja Alexandersson SE 2011
Lonesome Hero Manami Wakai JP 2014
Me Daniel Bruson BR 2017
The Education Klaartje Schrijvers BE 2014
A Poem Play Carlín Díaz FR 2017
Apart Diana Cam Van Nguyen CZ 2018

Our Spirit Animals

John and Karen Matthew Walker GB 2007
Cat Days Jon Frickey DE 2018
Hopus Lucie Kokoliová CZ 2018
But You’re a Dog Malin Erixon SE 2014
Oh My Dog! Chloé Alliez BE 2013
Fair Winds Eri Kinoshita JP 2015
Life with Herman H. Rott Chintis Lundgren EST 2015
Medvědění Daniela Hýbnerová CZ 2018
Bear Pascal Floerks DE 2014

Family Ties

From the Lives of Mothers Kristina Dufková CZ 2005
Cellar Child Julia Ocker DE 2012
Sunday Lunch Céline Devaux FR 2015
My Home Phuong Mai Nguyen FR 2014
Indigo Tuesday Adela Križovenská CZ 2018
Daughter Daria Kashcheeva CZ 2018
My Mum Is an Airplane Julia Aronova RU 2013

It’s All in My Head

Interview Caroline Leaf & Veronika Soul CA 1979
Poem about all the different things Marcus Armitage, Matthew Armitage GB 2018
Edmond Nina Gantz NL 2015
Lies Jonas Odell SE 2008
Sleepingcord Marta Pajek PL 2011
Bullets Stas Santimov UA 2018
Mindscape Kaori Ryo JP 2015
Through the Hawthorn Anna Benner, Pia Borg, Gemma Burditt GB 2014
Miracle’s Poem Nancy Kangas USA 2018


2019 Fest Anča International Festival is financially supported with public funds from the Slovak Audiovisual Fund.