A Tornado is heading to Slovak cinemas!

Imagine sitting comfortably in your living room and watching television when suddenly all your family members start to expand and grow. You no longer fit into your flat. This is the beginning of the Veronika Kocourková film Ako vzniká tornádo (The Story of a Tornado), which is a story about a family of hot air molecules. This funny animated film for children as well as adults can be seen in cinemas from 4th December 2014 as a pre-film to the family feature film Magické striebro – Hľadanie kúzelného rohu (Magic Silver – The Quest for the Mystic Horn) which is brought to you by the Film Europe Media Company.

The Story of a Tornado has been in cinemas thanks to Fest Anča, the International Animation Festival. At the end of June, during the festival, the Film Europe Media Company introduced the Anča D Award – a new distribution award. They chose the winner from candidates in the competition of Slovak animated shorts that consisted of 44 films, of which 10 progressed to the next round. “We like animated films and think that there should be more at Slovak cinemas,” said Eva Ujlakyová from the Film Europe Media Company. “This award should encourage young authors and help promote their short animated films. So we’ll try to show the winning film by Veronika Kocourková to as many Slovak viewers as possible. As we are introducing it before the busy Christmas season together with a family feature film, we hope we achieve our goal.”

The short animated film The Story of a Tornado can be seen at Slovak cinemas as a pre-film to Magic Silver – The Quest for the Mystic Horn, and will air on the Film Europe Channel, the first Slovak television channel with exclusively European cinematography. In addition, the animated film The Story of a Tornado will be screened before every film in the partner cinema Kino Film Europe at 25 Štefánikova Street in Bratislava. A sneak preview will be held on 27 November at Film Europe cinema as part of the special Best of Fest Anča 2014 projection. “We are very happy to have won this award,” admits the director. “To get a film to distribution is the best award of all.”

“We strive to promote Slovak animated films throughout the year, not only at the festival. Apart from the international competition, we announce a competition of Slovak films in cooperation with the Literary Fund,” festival director Jana Slezáková said.  “Thanks to the Anča D Award presented in cooperation with the Film Europe Media Company, Slovak films can reach people. I am very pleased that this year it is the Veronika Kocourková film The Story of a Tornado, because it narrates how molecules can transform into a tornado in an original way and with authentic visuals. Viewers, both children and adults, will not only be entertained, but will also learn something new. And that’s what makes this film so unique.”

The Story of a Tornado and Magic Silver – The Quest for the Mystic Horn

Press screening: 27. 11 .2014, 11:00, Film Europe Cinema

Best of Fest Anča 2014 screening: 27.11.2014, 19:00, Film Europe Cinema, free entry

Distribution premiere: 4. 12. 2014, DCP, BD, DVD


The press release was translated by Jozef Ferencz