Slovak animator Koloman Leššo died

Static fine art provides animated film with many means of expression and intertextual links. The history of animation in general, and Slovakia is no exception, takes pride in several important figures of fine art who contributed their unique point of view and creative approach to life to it. Koloman Leššo was such a figure. Originally an architecture graduate, he was enchanted by book illustrations, painting, caricature and photography, and also by the possibility of setting artistic objects in motion: whether in the dynamic of a story or in the technical process of animation. Koloman Leššo was recognized as a complex and creative individual in the field of animation – in his films he not only worked on artworks, but he often came up with ideas, cooperated on scripts and made the film animations himself. He worked on films for cinema distribution with the František Jurišič [(Figúrky a figuríny (1983), Nočná rozprávka (1983), Objekty (1990)], Jaroslav Pogran [Fúkaj silák Jeleniár (1975)] and Milan Černák [Šedá zelenina (1989)]. Much of his work, especially for child viewers, can be found in the archives of Slovak television. He often worked on the animation of 3D objects made of different kinds of materials.

During the seventy years of his life, Koloman Leššo succeeded in creating many unique animated worlds. He will be greatly missed.