29.6. - 3.7.2016

International Competition of Music Videos 1

Puppet Theatre
Duration 40:26

The Ana Music Video Award is an international competition of animated video clips made in the last two years. An international committee will select the winner from the 22 video clips selected for this special category. On the last festival day, 3rd July 2016 at 16:00 in the New Synagogue, the winner will be announced and awarded €400.


directed by Shinyoung Kim

year: 2015
country: KR
duration: 02:54
The beginning of mankind and the very first love. A videoclip to the song Dawn by the Australian musician Basenji.

State of Amnesia / Amnesia en el estado

directed by esteban azuela

year: 2016
country: MX
duration: 02:47
Mourners at a funeral gather around a grave. A big hand descends from the sky and drops five narcos. They kill all the assistants except the youngest 8-month-old kid. He is angry.

Poison Garden

directed by Lucy Dyson

year: 2015
country: DE
duration: 03:44
A vivid, botanical dream. An intoxicating lullaby for spring nights and relaxing times.


directed by Chris Bristow

year: 2015
country: GB
duration: 04:04
Microsoft’s Clippy embarks on a journey to the New Internet to find a beautiful new digital assistant named SHANiA. The music video to Delta Heavy’s song.

Steve Polyester

directed by Angela Stempel

year: 2015
country: US
duration: 04:04
A girl seeks out the mythical town hero. Will she find him? Does he even exist? The official music video for Ava Luna’s song Steve Polyester off their album Infinite House.

Now It's Over

directed by Dave Merson Hess

year: 2015
country: US
duration: 04:37
This music video for A Place to Bury Strangers employs a broad variety of styles – including stop-motion with paper puppets, ink on paper, watercolor, and paint-on-glass animation – in a noir-influenced, handcrafted animated tribute to the French & Japanese New Wave auteurs of the late 1960s.

Let It Go

directed by maxmana

year: 2014
country: NL
duration: 03:02
A man leaves his stressful work life to go on an adventure through Planet Tropicana. The official music video for Nobody Beats the Drum’s song Let It Go.

Lone Digger

directed by Double Ninja

year: 2015
country: FR
duration: 02:50
The videoclip for the French electro swing band Caravan Palace pictures a meeting between cats and dogs in an animal strip club.


directed by Melanie Tourner / Eve Dereock

year: 2014
country: BE
duration: 05:00
When the night falls, it’s time for the animals to go out and party like crazy! The music video to the song by Témé Tan.

Moving On

directed by Ainslie Henderson

year: 2015
country: GB
duration: 03:30
Death as birth in the world of string. A music video for the alternative rock band James.

See the World

directed by LWZ

year: 2015
country: AT
duration: 03:54
Tragic news, internet-meme-randomness, everything comes in through the same channel right next to each other, and by scrolling through our timeline we think that we see the world. The music video is a parable to that. Music by Ogris Debris.