International Competition of Music Videos 1

New Synagogue – bar
New Synagogue – Sphere
Duration:  50
Sections:  Competition, International videoclip competition

Animated video clips made in the last two years will compete for the Anča Award for Best Animated Music Video. This year, 24 video clips were selected for this special category. The winner will be announced and awarded EUR 500 at the closing ceremony streamed from the New Synagogue.

Prezident Lourajder – Osud

Director Matej Mihályi

Completion:  2021-01-30
Country:  SK
Duration:  00:03:20

Devours – Garnet Graves

Director Flavourcel Animation Collective

Completion:  2019-09-12
Country:  CA
Duration:  00:03:44

Mnogogrannik – Through

Director Ekaterina Zhuzhleva

Completion:  2019-09-02
Country:  RU
Duration:  00:03:34

Yoshitoo! – See You Where There’s Music

Director Bela Bulgakova

Completion:  2019-12-02
Country:  DE
Duration:  00:03:56

Heaven Sent Cat – The Goose and the Common

Director Shadab Shayegan

Completion:  2020-06-17
Country:  AT
Duration:  00:03:59


Director Zilai Feng

Completion:  2019-10-31
Country:  US
Duration:  00:01:52

Chancha Via Circuito & El Búho – El Mago Georges

Director Katalin Egely

Completion:  2020-05-30
Country:  AR
Duration:  00:04:17

La Fine Equipe ft. Gaël Faye – Pemmican

Director Kelzang Ravach

Country:  FR
Duration:  00:03:35

The Tower

Director Sunčana Brkulj

Completion:  2020-06-30
Country:  HR
Duration:  00:03:58

Resina – In (Ian William Craig remix)

Director Mateusz Jarmulski

Completion:  2019-07-07
Country:  PL
Duration:  00:05:55

Blevin Blectum – Nocturne (Psaltriparus Minimus mix)

Director Alexander Dupuis

Completion:  2020-11-27
Country:  US
Duration:  00:08:17

Oh Sees – Gholü

Director Leo Nicholson

Completion:  2019-08-28
Country:  GB
Duration:  00:01:59