About Fest Anča

Fest Anča International Animation Festival is unique in being the only Slovak multimedia festival focused on animated film targeted mainly at a mature audience.

The festival aims to raise awareness about animated film as an autonomous art form, and to educate about its multiple types and aspects.

The competitive programme comprises a selection of the stand-out animated films completed in the last two years. Through non-competitive thematic sections and regional focuses, Fest Anča presents artistic and production milestones in the history of animation. The festival includes an international competition of animated short films, music videos, and non-competitive screening sections. Additional accompanying events include presentations, exhibitions, workshops, concerts, film screenings for children and Pecha Kucha Ancha. The festival’s industry forum is targeted at film professionals with a focus on the planning, development and presentation of animated film projects.

Fest Anča has always called the Stanica Cultural Centre in Žilina (Slovakia) its home, gradually rolling out to other venues – such as the New Synagogue – as the festival grew in size, scope and vision. The truly distinctive an attractive element of Fest Anča is the unique informal setting, which fosters a positive atmosphere of like-minded individuals coming together for a few days to watch films and exchange ideas about what they love best – animation and video gaming. There’s no red carpet treatment, bouncers or VIP zones at our festival – filmmakers, organizers and visitors freely mingle in a cultural and creative exchange over beers and hotdogs. While some come just for the films, all festival goers leave informed, inspired and eager to return next year – to see more films, play more games, and make new friends.

Fest Anča is much more than a four-day summer festival – throughout the year the team strives to develop and support the Slovak animation and videogame industry. We update about animation events and screenings through social media and this website, and offer lots of opportunities for the Slovak animation community to meet, greet and network. As Kino Fest Anča we organize animated film projections and discussions with filmmakers, and the Best of Fest Anča distributes the current festival’s winning films.

We look forward to your visit.

Fest Anča 2017
  • Special Guests: Paul Bush, Robert Morgan, Barry Purves
  • Focus: Maďarská animácia
  • New: Game Days Pitching Session, polnočné hranie
  • Visuals: Ivana Palečková
Fest Anča 2016
  • Special Guests: Stephen and Timothy Quay, Steven Woloshen
  • Focus: Balkans
  • News: Open air screenings at Andrej Hlinka Square
Fest Anča 2015
  • Special Guests: Priit & Olga Pärn, Tomm Moore, Jiří Barta
  • VJ Suave – animation in the streets of Žilina
  • Focus: Estonian animation
  • News: the Container Stage
Fest Anča 2014
  • Special guests: Georges Schwizgebel, Max Hattler
  • News: Anča Slovak Award, Anča D Award, Anča Kids’ Award
  • Focus: German speaking countries
  • News: Fest Anča Game Days – an event aimed to connect the world of animation with the world of videogames
  • News: Industry programme Fest Anča New Talents
  • News: the Animated Webseries Section
  • Slovak première: Early Ukrainian Soviet Animation
  • Retrospective: Czechoslovak Bed-time Stories From the 1960s and 1970s
Fest Anča 2013
  • Special guests: Mike Reiss, Michaela Pavlátová, Emma de Swaef
  • News: Anča Student Award
  • News: Anča in Wonderland – a selection of the most bizarre films from those submitted to Fest Anča
  • News: We Need to Talk About Animation! – a forum dedicated to education in the field of animation
  • News: Programme for children
  • Retrospective: History of Slovak animated videos
Fest Anča 2012
  • Special guests: Matti Kütt, Zuzana Gindl-Tatárová, Frank Braun, Anna Solanas
  • Exhibition: Frejm Baj Frejm
  • Fest Anča expands to the New Synagogue
Fest Anča 2011
  • Special guests: Ivan Maximov, Pip Chodorov
  • A new competitive section: Anča Music Video Award
  • Slovak focus: the retrospective of Viktor Kubal
  • World première of the experimental film Konzerva Rudolf Urc
Fest Anča 2010
  • Special guest: Rutu Modan
  • Launching ceremony of the DVD compilation of Slovak contemporary animated film Animation is not mŕtva
  • Focus: Independent American animated film directors
  • News: The first edition of the Festival Seconds – the video coverage of the festival
Fest Anča 2009
  • Special guests: Phil Mulloy, Pakito Bolino
  • Exhibition: Le Dernier Cri!
  • Premiere: World première of the Animation Karaoke Battle
  • News: A new section of contemporary Slovak animated films
  • A new screening hall S2
Fest Anča 2008
  • The 1st Anča Award was announced
  • Special guests: Max Andersson, Albert Marenčin