Competition of Slovak Films

Duration:  45
Sections:  Competition, Competition of Slovak Films

Twelve films produced in Slovakia made over the past two years will compete for the Anča Award for Best Slovak Animated Short, which is supported by the Literary Fund.

The winner will be announced and awarded EUR 1000 at the closing ceremony streamed from the New Synagogue.

English subtitles

Uninvited Guests

Director Jakub Mereš

Completion:  2020-02-03
Country:  SK
Duration:  00:03:31


Director Eva Matějovičová

Completion:  2021-01-11
Country:  CZ
Duration:  00:04:30


Director Kristína Bajaníková

Completion:  2021-01-21
Country:  SK
Duration:  00:03:45

Prezident Lourajder – Osud

Director Matej Mihályi

Completion:  2021-01-30
Country:  SK
Duration:  00:03:20

Donna Bella

Director Virág Emma Csuport

Completion:  2021-01-21
Country:  SK
Duration:  00:02:56


Director Andrea Gabajová

Completion:  2020-06-16
Country:  SK
Duration:  00:03:32

Maze of Memories

Director Anna Mária Medvecká

Completion:  2020-06-22
Country:  SK
Duration:  00:04:57

Čisté Tvary – Fly

Director Marián Vredík

Completion:  2019-12-05
Country:  SK
Duration:  00:04:39

Trip to the Moon 1969

Director Samuel Ščerbák

Completion:  2021-01-15
Country:  SK
Duration:  00:00:51

On the Hill

Director Lukáš Ďurica, Juraj Mäsiar

Completion:  2020-06-30
Country:  SK
Duration:  00:08:58

Boys’ Tears

Director Zuzana Žiaková

Completion:  2020-06-01
Country:  SK
Duration:  00:04:55

Home Sweet Home

Director David Štumpf

Completion:  2020-04-13
Country:  SK
Duration:  00:00:30