Contemporary Abstract and Non-narrative Animation

New Synagogue – under the Sphere
New Synagogue – under the Sphere
Duration:  50
Sections:  Contemporary abstract and non-narrative animation, Panorama

In the early 1920s, Walter Ruttmann, Hans Richter, Viking Eggeling and Oskar Fischinger laid the foundations of abstract film by studying combinations of movement and
sound. Ruttmann called his work Painting in Time, and far from stopping with formal experiments it actually developed further in step with mainstream film. Abstract animation emphasizes rhythm, movement and composition – without narrating a story, it offers a unique audiovisual experience. This film selection showcases some of the most remarkable non-
narrative experimental animated films from the last two years.

No dialogue

What Time Is?

Director Niina Suominen

Completion:  2020-02-01
Country:  FI
Duration:  00:07:15

Life of a Pixel

Director Noam Goldfarb

Completion:  2020-10-01
Country:  IL
Duration:  00:01:01


Director Chaerin Im

Country:  US
Duration:  00:04:24

The Other

Director Arash Akhgari

Completion:  2020-04-30
Country:  CA
Duration:  00:03:46

Knot Waking

Director Lauren Flinner

Completion:  2020-05-05
Country:  US
Duration:  00:03:38

The Quest for Freedom and the Longing for Belonging

Director Noam Paul

Completion:  2020-12-23
Country:  IL
Duration:  00:03:13


Director Marcell Mostoha

Completion:  2021-01-01
Country:  HU
Duration:  00:03:54


Director Robert Seidel

Completion:  2020-10-04
Country:  DE
Duration:  00:03:18


Director Bastien Dupriez

Completion:  2020-04-23
Country:  FR
Duration:  00:02:19


Director Tomás Pichardo-Espaillat

Completion:  2020-11-26
Country:  DO
Duration:  00:02:41

Ménage à Trois: Flour, Eggs and Sugar

Director Michelle Choi

Completion:  2020-05-31
Country:  KR
Duration:  00:02:18

The Gods of Tiny Things

Director Deborah Kelly

Completion:  2019-08-27
Country:  AU
Duration:  00:05:22

Seer & Seen

Director Ghazal Majidi

Completion:  2020-11-11
Country:  IR
Duration:  00:05:12