International Competition of Music Videos 2

New Synagogue – bar
New Synagogue – Sphere
Duration:  50
Sections:  Competition, International videoclip competition

Animated video clips made in the last two years will compete for the Anča Award for Best Animated Music Video. This year, 24 video clips were selected for this special category. The winner will be announced and awarded EUR 500 at the closing ceremony streamed from the New Synagogue.

Jo Goes Hunting – Careful

Director Alice Saey

Completion:  2020-02-01
Country:  FR
Duration:  00:03:58

World Brain – Dance II

Director Julian Gallese

Completion:  2020-12-14
Country:  CR
Duration:  00:05:20

Čisté Tvary – Fly

Director Marián Vredík

Completion:  2019-12-05
Country:  SK
Duration:  00:04:39

Nauzea Orchestra – Zoo

Director Marie Nováčková

Country:  CZ
Duration:  00:05:00

Los Viejos – Drop al infierno

Director Esteban Azuela

Completion:  2021-01-06
Country:  MX
Duration:  00:03:23

Hello Marcel – Neo

Director Denisa Kalinová, Anna Smékalová

Completion:  2020-06-01
Country:  CZ
Duration:  00:03:25

Jimmy Stofer – The Trembling Giant

Director Arina Shabanova

Completion:  2019-08-02
Country:  RU
Duration:  00:03:00

Ralph Mothwurf Orchestra feat. Vincent Pongracz – Druck

Director Fekry Helal

Completion:  2020-12-01
Country:  AT
Duration:  00:05:55

Siamés – Summer Nights

Director Pablo Roldán, Ezequiel Torres

Completion:  2020-01-06
Country:  AR
Duration:  00:03:53

Babeheaven – Craziest Things

Director Sacha Beeley

Completion:  2020-10-05
Country:  GB
Duration:  00:03:10

Los Mundos – Frutos Rojos

Director Dave Merson Hess

Completion:  2020-11-25
Country:  MX
Duration:  00:03:30

Henge – Exo

Director Antony Barkworth-Knight

Completion:  2020-05-29
Country:  GB
Duration:  00:03:35