International Competition of Music Videos 2

Puppet Theatre
Duration:  60
Sections:  International videoclip competition

Animated video clips made in the last two years will compete for the Anča Music Video Award. This year, 28 video clips were selected for this special category. The winner will be announced and awarded EUR 400 at the closing ceremony at the New Synagogue.

Etude for Cellular Automata no. 2

Director Guillaume Pelletier-Auger

Completion:  2018
Country:  CA
Duration:  0:01:30

Serph – Citrus

Director Taro Otani

Completion:  2020
Country:  JP
Duration:  0:05:10

botanichesky sad – No Reason

Director Amanda Bonaiuto

Completion:  2018
Country:  US
Duration:  0:03:28

P/\ST – Tíseň

Director Alžběta Suchanová, Nora Štrbová

Completion:  2020
Country:  CZ
Duration:  0:04:42

I Give You My Word

Director Veronika Neputina

Completion:  2020
Duration:  0:02:28


Director Martyna Koleniec

Completion:  2019
Country:  PL
Duration:  0:04:53


Director Carl Roosens

Completion:  2019
Country:  BE
Duration:  0:02:42

I’m Not Feeling Very Well

Director Sunčana Brkulj

Completion:  2019
Country:  HR
Duration:  0:03:32

Chiyoonhae – First Time

Director Gyuri Cloe Lee

Completion:  2019
Duration:  0:04:38

Usted Señalemelo – Tomorrow

Director Ezequiel Torres, Pablo Roldán

Completion:  2019
Country:  AR
Duration:  0:04:38

Lucky Chops – Traveler

Director Raman Djafari, Daniel Almagor

Completion:  2019
Country:  DE
Duration:  0:03:45

Manami Kakudo – Lullaby

Director Julian Gallese

Completion:  2019
Country:  JP
Duration:  0:03:58

Marshmello – Angklung Life

Director Kokofreakbean

Completion:  2020
Country:  US
Duration:  0:03:11