Tale-teller’s comeback (reading/performance)

Duration:  30
Sections:  Off program, Other activities

To today’s children, fairy tales are primarily information about good and evil, boosting kids’ fantasy. Yet since ancient times fairy tales had played a stronger role in public life – a travelling tale-teller brought news from afar, and mixed tales with poetry and songs that entertained, informed, and stimulated imaginations.
Today, many such tales read as bizarre stories. Do you know this one? “She gave birth to a son shortly after her 90th birthday and nursed him until he was seven years old. The boy is growing enormously, he could tear out a tree with roots while still at kindergarten.” Or this one: “The bride left the groom at the altar. She swapped him for a richer and more handsome man who she had met on the way to the ceremony.”
Slovak fairytale heritage seems rather close to everything our society deems strange and unsettling. During the 14th Fest Anča, a travelling tale-teller will return to Žilina and tell captivating stories on the city’s streets.