The Bloody Lady & Ranjevš & Óbasz

Stanica – outdoor
Year:  1980
Duration:  74
Director:  Viktor Kubal st.
Sections:  Concerts, Feature Films, Off program

The second feature film by a legendary filmmaker who helped lay the cornerstone of Slovak animated film. It draws inspiration from the historical legend of the cruel, Bloody Lady of Čachtice castle. Countess Elizabeth Bathory’s obsession with eternal youth cost many young virgins their lives.
The story of her crime and love is built on a simple, yet powerful metaphor of a woman without a heart (both figuratively and literally). In the background of a romantic story with tragic and comical features, the never-ending conflict of good and evil is depicted. The atmosphere of the film is amplified by minimalist animation and the absence of dialogue. The film’s screening will feature live musical accompaniment by instrumental duo Ranjevš & Óbasz, deriving from the jazz tradition with an avant-garde twist.
This film has been digitally restored by the Slovak Film Institute.

Ranjevš & Óbasz

“The concept of this duo ignores both limits of genre categories and the slightly ossified jazz form. The result is a lively and communicative music with a considerable portion of improvising, as well as an apparent plan to create a specific mood in every single composition.”