Slovak TV Bedtime Stories / Brave Bunny: Episodes 1-4

Duration:  30
Sections:  TV Bedtime Stories

Selected Slovak TV bedtime stories from the 1960s to 1990s will return nostalgic memories to the silver screen. Six screenings for kids, each of those taking on one bedtime story, two overview screenings of selected bedtime stories, and one screening of a special series for adult audiences only.

Animated series based on Jozef Cíger Hronský’s famous book tells the adventures of a brave bunny that wanders the world.

Jindřich Liška, Svätopluk Šablatúra
Czechoslovakia | 1968-1969 | 4×7:30

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This activity is an implementation of the Student Forum Fest Anča.

The Student Forum Fest Anča benefits from a € 120 609 grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants. The project has been co-financed from the State Budget of the Slovak Republic in the amount of € 18 091. The aim of the project is to support audience development, transnational mobility and to connect school bodies from different countries around Europe to share knowledge and compare different approaches to teaching animation in different parts of Europe.