World Panorama 1

New Synagogue – Sphere
Duration:  70
Sections:  Panorama, World panorama

A selection of films and music videos that just missed out by a hair’s breadth on being selected for the competition. These will be screened in the special World Panorama section.

Slovak and English subtitles (live screenings with Slovak subtitles only)

I’m a Fish

Director Daria Melnikova

Completion:  2020-06-15
Country:  RU
Duration:  00:05:10

Apocalypse is Under the Blanket

Director Theodore Ushev

Completion:  2020-04-10
Country:  CA
Duration:  00:04:55


Director Begoña Arostegui

Completion:  2020-01-01
Country:  ES
Duration:  00:13:00

In the Hands of Puppets

Director Sarah & Charles

Completion:  2020-01-22
Country:  BE
Duration:  00:09:34

Video Letter

Director Yuezhu Wang

Completion:  2021-01-01
Country:  US
Duration:  00:04:42

Gold Is Eating People

Director Su Xia

Completion:  2020-09-01
Country:  CN
Duration:  00:08:00

Run for the Bird Song

Director Ingrid Pucci

Completion:  2020-07-18
Country:  EE
Duration:  00:03:48


Director Nathania Rubin

Completion:  2019-06-30
Country:  NL
Duration:  00:06:02

Genius Loci

Director Adrien Mérigeau

Completion:  2019-09-12
Country:  FR
Duration:  00:15:00