What is Joanna Kozuch up to?

Most importantly, she is working on her earlier project Fongopolis.
Art works, animation, editing – all is complete and sound track of the film is being finished at the moment, including music of course. A young violinist is heading to a city called Fongopolis. He is about to perform his life solo in a grandiose concert with a prestigious Philharmonic. “His troubles start right at the station, where he is taken aback by a chaotic maze of information, signs, ads and a constantly hurrying crowd. If he wants to catch his train, he has to stop,” reveals Joanna Kozuch about her visually interesting film, the photos and the trailer of which you can find online. The film might not be the only outcome of the Fongopolis project. The author also plans to create an artbook Fongopolis – Bratislava, Bratislava – Fongopolis.

Besides consuming a lot of time, being a parent also brings strong inspiration. Once classmates, today co-workers and both of them already parents: Joanna Kozuch is preparing an animated film called 39 weeks 6 days in collaboration with animator – director Boris Šimo. Literary scenario and designs are already finished. “39 weeks 6 days is a concept of short animated film, in which a married couple reports on their shared period of pregnancy. The film does not focus on objective facts or literal images of the developing baby (in style of “Pregnancy from A to Z”). Our aim was to record feelings, emotional states and internal processes associated with this period. Therefore we used the creative method of associative images, approaching to the greatest possible extent the emotions felt. Instead of illustrative character we opted for the tool of surrealism.”

Čo robí Joanna Kozuch? Čo robí Joanna Kozuch?

Although the concept of 39 weeks 6 days can in a sense be viewed as a documentary of internal psychological experience of pregnancy too, Joanna is also preparing a documentary in true sense of the word at the moment. It will be animated of course.There was once a sea…, a script for the film “about the Aral Sea and human stupidity” is already a work in progress. In order to complete it Joanna still needs some additional information, which she will likely acquire during her second trip to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan as the drying lake is located on the borders of these two countries.

Joanna’s account of her ongoing projects is quite rich. But besides that, what is Joanna Kozuch up to? ” … I’m just all the time playing with my daughter Mila … : ) .”

Eva Perďochová