Fest Anča 2022: Official Film Selection

The 15th Fest Anča International Animation Festival has announced its selection of animated short films! More than 1,250 films from 68 countries from all over the world have been submitted to the festival this year. The selection features films from both familiar and fresh creators. It is an overview of the best of world and domestic animation, encompassing varied animation techniques, authors’ unique styles and diverse themes. 

Only one sixth of films submitted to Fest Anča 2022 make it through to the festival’s official selection. “We received many high-quality animated short films. It was difficult to choose, and unfortunately many good films missed out,” stated programme dramaturge Jakub Spevák and festival director Ivana Sujová in unanimously evaluating the quality of submitted films.

Yungsung Song – Our 2

Both familiar and fresh creators

In the competition and non-competition sections, animation fans will recognize some names from previous editions of Fest Anča. These include former guests and award winners (Peter Millard, Koji Yamamura, Sarina Nihei, Steven Subotnick), as well as Chilean directors (Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña) who were jury members last year and this time will present their film The Bones in the World Panorama. Audiences can look forward to animated videos by Raman Djafari, and abstract animation by Hungarian animator Réka Bucsi.  

The competition section will feature the porcelain animation Beast, which was also Oscar-nominated this year. Inspired by true events, the film depicts the story of a secret police agent during the military dictatorship. The pre-selection committee was intrigued by the film with the copious title In My Chest of Fire There Is Still Place to Temple Your Dagger: A Love Story, which is a distinctive retelling of the relationship between Ash and Pikachu. The selection also includes Imaginary Landscapes by renowned Ukrainian animator Mykyta Lyskov.

A third of the main competition comprises student films. For example, Wet depicts the recesses of a sauna, guiding viewers through a labyrinth of sensuality, bodies and steam. Student films are also represented in the Slovak competition. These include r a u u by Zlata Golecová, a recent graduate of the Academy of Performing Arts, who used various animation techniques to portray a story about a mysterious character.

Maria Nitek – Hierophany

Slovaks on screen

Slovak films are also represented in the international selection. Once There Was a Sea…. by Joanna Kożuch (which has already won the Student Jury Prize at the Clermont-Ferrand Festival) has been selected for the main and Slovak competition. Love, Dad, an animated Slovak co-production documentary about the relationship between a daughter and her father by Diana Cam Van Nguyen is part of the main competition as well. Another Slovak co-production, Suzie in the Garden (which premiered at the prestigious Berlinale 2022), will be presented in the World Panorama section.

As for the Slovak section, the pre-selection committee commented on its quality: “This year we are presenting a very balanced and diverse competition section. We’re interested to see which film appeals most to our jury.”


Video killed the radio star

Slovakia is also represented in the music video competition with animators Milan Stanco (Charms Kids: Les Miserables) and Marián Vredík (Queer Jane: Gerard Love). “It’s great that the music video competition is consistently high-quality –  different musical styles and imaginative animations,” says dramaturg Jakub Spevák. The music video section will also feature animation by Sarina Nihei, the winner of last year’s Anča Award for Best Animation.

Sarina Nihei – Photay – Villain

Kids love films too!

At Fest Anča children and their parents can look forward to one competition and two non-competition sections of the best films for children. This international section is full of the fun, education, creative approaches, imaginative artistic stylizations, and original techniques that only animated film can offer children. 

“We are happy to show films that have an equal dialogue with children and stimulate their imagination,” says Ivana Sujová. For example, the competition section’s Elevator Alone is the story of four characters who behave differently in an elevator when alone and together. This humorous puppet animation touches on the individual-group relationship in a playful and child-friendly way. In the non-competition children’s section, Slovak animator Filip Diviak’s Sounds Between the Crowns has also been selected.


Anastasia Papadopoulou – Elevator Alone

In conclusion

As regular visitors know, Fest Anča also includes a number of specialised sections such as Anča in Mordor and Anča in Wonderland. And this year the festival will again feature a Short Animated Documentary section, as well as an extremely short film section dedicated to extremely short films.

Every year the festival presents films premiering in Slovakia. “So viewers have the unique opportunity to watch most films for the very first time,” concludes Ivana Sujová.

The festival annually includes an international competition of animated short films and music videos, as well as thematic and special focused film sections. Over its four days, Fest Anča offers lectures, exhibitions, workshops, screenings for children, and many accompanying events.


Competition sections

*s = student film




Swallow the Universe Nieto France
In My Chest of Fire There Is Still Place to Temple Your Dagger: A Love Story Pablo Ballarín Spain
Hotel Kalura Sophie Koko Gate United Kingdom
Goodbye Jérôme! (s) Gabrielle Selnet, Adam Sillard, Chloé Farr France
Anxious Body Yoriko Mizushiri France
Sierra Sander Joon Estonia
The Fourth Wall (s) Mahboobeh Kalaee Islamic Republic of Iran
Thing Malte Stein Germany
Crumbs of Life Katarzyna Miechowicz Poland
Our 2 Yungsung Song Japan
Hysteresis Robert Seidel Germany
Vampire (s) Zhong Xian United Kingdom
Tales of the Salt Water (s) Tamerlan Bekmurzayev, Antoine Carré, Rodrigo Goulão de Sousa, Alexandra Petit, Martin Robic France
Bird in the Peninsula Atsushi Wada France
Love, Dad (s) Diana Cam Van Nguyen Czech Republic
Eyes and Horns (s) Chaerin Im Republic of Korea
Granny’s Sexual Life Urška Djukić, Émilie Pigeard Slovenia
Terra Incognita Pernille Kjaer, Adrian Dexter France
Deep Water Anna Dudko Ukraine
The Awakening of the Insects Stéphanie Lansaque, François Leroy France
Imaginary Landscapes Mykyta Lyskov Ukraine
Two Sisters Anna Budanova France
Hierophany (s) Maria Nitek Poland
Once There Was a Sea… Joanna Kożuch Slovakia
Wet (s) Marianne Bergeonneau, Mélina Mandon, Lauriane Montpert, Cloé Peyrebrune, Elvira Taussac France
Steakhouse Špela Čadež Slovenia
Impossible Figures and Other Stories I Marta Pajek Poland
Mom, What’s Up with the Dog? (s) Lola Lefevre France
Blindness (s) Yu-seon Park Republic of Korea
Beast Hugo Covarrubias Chile


Elton John, Dua Lipa: Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) Raman Djafari Germany
Photay: Villain Sarina Nihei United States
Vooid: Rabbit Hole He Lo Taiwan
Squid: Pamphlets Raman Djafari Germany
Coucou Tchoutchou Charlie Mars France
Yello: Out of Sight Dirk Koy Switzerland
Las monjas en celo: Los colores del niño dios Santiago Pérez Rodríguez Colombia
Charms Kids: Les Miserables Milan Stanco Slovakia
Queer Jane: Gerard Love Marián Vredík Slovakia
Zen Bamboo: Xoxoxo Henry J. McClellan, Mathieu Larone Canada
Greensky Bluegrass: Stress Dreams Grant Kolton United States
Irvin Venyš & Epoque Quartet: Cimpoiasca Barbora Halířová Czech Republic
Zouj: Delete After Death Laura Jayne Hodkin United Kingdom
Brother Sun Sister Moon: A Whale Song Sacha Beeley Japan
Maggie Dave: Old You Cassie Shao United States
JNKYRD feat. Ohhyuk: Varsity Gyuri Cloe Lee Republic of Korea
Sun Dance Miguel Jara, Celestial Brizuela Mexico
Luis Ake: Umweg Julian Gallese Costa Rica
The Dream Julie Černá, Petra Mikolášová, Anastázie Rainsichová, Ondřej Salava Czech Republic
Trohi: Аggressive Schtreiss/Sims 5 idm Ivelina Ivanova Bulgaria
Mango Lafruta: Alpapuyo Fiona Lena Brown, Germán Basso Germany
Dos Santos: A Shot in the Dark Miguel Jara, Celestial Brizuela United States
KCIDY: With the Wind Géraldine Charpentier Belgium


Bemol Lacroix Oana Switzerland
Mishou Milen Vitanov Germany
Franzy’s Soup-Kitchen Ana Chubinidze France
Cat and Bird Franka Sachse Germany
Oddland An Vrombaut Belgium
Elevator Alone Anastasia Papadopoulou Greece
The Ducks Ángela Arregui Spain
Damn It! Elena Walf Germany
Lunar Love & Ever Gabriel Gabriel Garble Sweden


Even Stone Flows Ové Pictures (Veronika Obertová, Michaela Čopíková) Slovakia
Once There Was a Sea… Joanna Kożuch Slovakia
Introspective Ivana Laila Drobná Slovakia
I am Sorry, Whale Veronika Zúbek Kocourková Slovakia
r a u u Zlata Golecová Slovakia
That’s That Szilard Kardiak Slovakia
Sounds Between the Crowns Filip Diviak Czech Republic
Sisters Andrea Szelesová Czech Republic

Non-competition sections


The Frolic Jhao Yi-Han Taiwan
Trona Pinnacles Mathilde Parquet France
Vadim on a Walk Sasha Svirsky Russian Federation
Sugar Show Liana Makaryan Russian Federation
Salvia at Nine Jang Nari Republic of Korea
Tender Parts Steven Subotnick United States
Fury Julia Siuda Poland
The Bones Cristóbal León, Joaquín Cociña Chile
Polar Bear Bears Boredom Koji Yamamura Japan
C Marion Täschler Switzerland
Sauna Anna Lena Spring, Lara Perren Switzerland
A Bite of Bone Honami Yano Japan
The Dog’s Leash Nicolas Piret Belgium
The Dragon Head Tree Jiaqi Wang United Kingdom
Regular Nata Metlukh United States
Pests Juliette Laboria France
Colony Pilar Garcia-Fernandezsesma United States
Doom Cruise Hannah Stragholz, Simon Steinhorst Germany
Compositions for Understanding Relationships David Delafuente United States
Golden Margarite Keren Sofi Karasik Israel
In the Upper Room Alexander Gratzer Hungary
Girl in the Water Shi-Rou Huang Taiwan
A Story for 2 Trumpets Amandine Meyer France
Suzie in the Garden Lucie Sunková Czech Republic
Drawn Undrew Draw Angel Wu Taiwan
Glazing Lilli Carré United States
Sometimes I Don’t Know Where the Sun Samantha Aquilino Switzerland
Good Placement of Seeds Xi Chen China
We Were a Sterile Bomb Dotan Moreno Israel
Mud Chronicles Vuk Palibrk Serbia
Menagerie Jack Gray United States
Congregation Nick Simpson Australia
Miracasas Raphaëlle Stolz Switzerland
Night of the Living Dread Ida Melum United Kingdom
Chasse Galerite Brian Hawkins United States
My Father’s Damn Camera! Miloš Tomić Slovenia
Elephant in Castle Lee Yuk Ki Florence Hong Kong


The Knife Timotej Lukovič Slovakia
Friday Szilard Kardiak Slovakia
Never Lenka Adamcová Slovakia
Tomato Hairytage Laura Kočanová Slovakia
Fairy Tales with No Happy Endings This is Locco agency Slovakia
Miro Jilo/My Heart Dávid Popovič Slovakia
Mathias Imrich Kútik Slovakia
Bodies of Water Niko Mlynarčík Czech Republic
Charms Kids: Les Miserables Milan Stanco Slovakia
Queer Jane: Gerard Love Marián Vredík Slovakia
Life at the Castle Lucia Troppová Slovakia


Don’t Blow It Up! Alžbeta Mačáková Mišejková Czech Republic
Our Piggy Jaromír Plachý Czech Republic
Itchy the Camel: Tennis Anders Beer, PH Dallaire Canada
Itchy the Camel: Basketball Anders Beer, PH Dallaire Canada
URSA – The Song of the Northern Lights Natalia Malykhina Norway
Bellysaurus Philip Watts Australia
Ink Joost van den Bosch, Erik Verkerk Netherlands
Sounds Between the Crowns Filip Diviak Czech Republic
Kayak Solène Bosseboeuf, Flore Dechorgnat, Tiphaine Klein, Auguste Lefort, Antoine Rossi France
Step by Step Fanny Paoli, Anabelle David, Emma Gach, Claire Robert, Julie Valentin, Thēodore Janvier France
Little Roommate Simon Ott, Fabian Schaeublin, Hannes Oehen Switzerland
Red Junior and the Wolf Winnie Wu United States
A Poor Blue-Footed Booby Goes to Tokyo Haruna Ueno, Tomoko Taiga Japan
Penguin and Whale Ezequiel Torres, Pablo Roldán Argentina
Fox for Edgar Pauline Kortmann Germany
Tourist Trap Vera van Wolferen Netherlands
Odd Socks Charlotte Heyman Sweden


I’m Late Sawako Kabuki France
All At Sea Kasia Nalewajka Poland
Unsung Women – Ida Pfeiffer Julie Gavras, Mathieu Decarli France
At Spiral’s End Eliška Kerbachová Czech Republic
The Train Driver Christian Wittmoser, Zuniel Kim Germany
Holy Holocaust Osi Wald, Noa Berman-Herzberg Israel
Lada, Ivan’s Sister Olesya Shchukina Russian Federation
It’s All the Salt’s Fault María Cristina Pérez Colombia


Animal Locomotion Asa Rikin, Noga Sirota Israel
Clinamen Simon Gerbaud Mexico
Sed Saepe Cadendo Gina Kamentsky United States
Intermission Réka Bucsi Hungary
Rites of Spring Yiorgos Tsangaris Cyprus
Poum Poum! Damien Tran France
Mountain Blues Lucie Levrangi United Kingdom
Enjoying a Nice Life Rainbow Timothy United States
Jung & Restless Joanna Priestley United States
Holes Birgitta Hosea United Kingdom


Sexy Sushi Calleen Koh Yee Lin Singapore
Keep Left Maya Remenyi United Kingdom
Guff Maturity Peter Millard United Kingdom
The Dogs Mathi Mathos, Charlie Mars France
To Kill the Birds & the Bees Calleen Koh Yee Lin Singapore
Sweet Nothing Joana Fischer, Marie Kenov Switzerland
Toothless Andrea Guizar Poland
Normal Julie Caty France
The Invention of Less Noah Erni Switzerland
Eating in the Dark Inari Sirola United Kingdom
The Clearing Daniel Hope United Kingdom
Klezgermiia Simeon Kondev, Felipe Di Poi-Tamargo United States
Krasue Ryo Hirano Japan
The Eden Lucia Alessandri France
How to Survive the Heatwave and Stay Human
Ronni Shalev, Alon Sharabi
Hot Singles in Your Area Nicolás Petelski Spain
Divination Dave Georgia Madden United Kingdom
The Real Spaghetti Western Alex Maximov Belarus
Mondo Domino Suki France
Alternate Mesozoic Swann Boby, Lucie Laudrin, Marion Métivier, Léna Miguet, Sixtine Sanrame, Marie Schaeffer France


Until the Next Day Nikolas Kerameus Greece
Soap Is an Illusion (Dirt: Part One) David Finkelstein United States
Xolotl Ilhami Tunç Gençer Turkey
InfraVisual VMware 4.0 (featuring NanoBots) Jorge Sellés Spain
Daddy v1 Toms Krauklis Latvia
Live vs Death Zden Hlinka Slovakia
Shine Faiyaz Jafri United States
Audenie Taokan Xu Germany


Password to the * * * * * Adél Szegedi United Kingdom
Sisiphescu Maria Simina Dimancea Romania
Bagatelle László Csáki Hungary
Monster Encounters James Smith Germany
Het Regent Daniel Wesseik Netherlands
The Illusion Tianqi Wu United Kingdom
1 Km arround Larrabetzu Bego Vicario Spain
Pebble Jana Pujinová Czech Republic
Friend Pika Terpin Slovenia
Desire for Tranquility Nikolaus Jantsch Austria
Flow Kayla Parker, Stuart Moore United Kingdom
I Come From Kate Jessop United Kingdom
Kebab Night Sophya Kebets United Kingdom
The Most Beautiful in the Meadow Giulia Falciani Germany
The Girl Who Built a Rocket Neeraja Raj United Kingdom
Lunch Break Reinout Jan Swinnen, Bram Van Rompaey Belgium
Auto-Cremate Nicolai Wølner Voss Norway
Smoking Is a Bad Habit Ondřej Brýna, Silvie Radová, Antonín Chod Czech Republic
Flies Anabela Costa Portugal
Hypno Tidoo Arianna Gheller, Matteo Burani Italy
Perfect Circle Maria Tomazou United Kingdom
Little Singer Hao Yu Germany
End Credits Lucia Gazdiková Slovakia
Life for School Nataša Strelová Slovakia
Les Unités-Mixtes Sandrine Deumier France
Skanderbar Calin Gherghevici Romania
The Lazy Bear John Osebold United States
Dino Bone Jordan Powers, Sam Durkin United States
The 0.01% Sophia Bayat United States
Itchy The Camel: Rakes Anders Beer, PH Dallaire Canada
Nomino Sukune Ryotaro Miyajima Japan
Fire Maro Margulis Argentina
Porsche – The Legend of Pedro Rodríguez Mariano Fernández Russo Argentina
Carrot Feeder Xi Chen China


Fest Anča International Animation Festival 2022 is financially supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund and LITA Fund. The Student Forum Fest Anča benefits from a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants.