Short Animated Documentary

New Synagogue – Sphere
Duration:  70
Sections:  Panorama, Short Animated Documentary

This atypical fusion of animation and documentary allows creators to freely express creativity and portray real events in non-standard forms. Viewers are likewise liberated from the limitations of camera views – instead embracing wholly new and unique perspectives. An increasingly popular convention-warping genre.

Slovak and English subtitles (live screenings with Slovak subtitles only)

All Those Sensations in My Belly

Director Marko Dješka

Completion:  2020-08-01
Country:  HR
Duration:  00:13:19


Director Zoë Hutber

Completion:  2020-04-16
Country:  GB
Duration:  00:03:41


Director Henriette Rietz

Completion:  2020-03-01
Country:  DE
Duration:  00:04:36


Director Frank Mukunday, Tétshim

Completion:  2019-07-10
Country:  CD
Duration:  00:10:00


Director Daniela Hýbnerová

Completion:  2020-09-08
Country:  CZ
Duration:  00:03:51


Director Jonas Hurrle

Completion:  2020-01-31
Country:  DE
Duration:  00:06:45


Director Joachim Berg, Sondre Johre

Completion:  2020-06-09
Country:  NO
Duration:  00:06:01

Events Meant to Be Forgotten

Director Marko Tadić

Completion:  2020-03-15
Country:  HR
Duration:  00:06:00

Just a Guy

Director Shoko Hara

Completion:  2020-02-01
Country:  DE
Duration:  00:15:00