World Panorama 3

New Synagogue – Sphere
Duration:  70
Sections:  Panorama, World panorama

A selection of films and music videos that just missed out by a hair’s breadth on being selected for the competition. These will be screened in the special World Panorama section.

Slovak and English subtitles (live screenings with Slovak subtitles only)

Gen Tree

Director Ronni Shalev, Alon Sharabi, Hod Adler

Completion:  2020-07-23
Country:  IL
Duration:  00:03:07


Director Marija Vulić, Isidora Vulić

Completion:  2020-06-30
Country:  RS
Duration:  00:06:54

The Stork

Director Morten Tšinakov, Lucija Mrzljak

Completion:  2020-09-01
Country:  EE
Duration:  00:15:51


Director Élodie Ferrer

Completion:  2020-09-01
Country:  FR
Duration:  00:04:29


Director Hae-Ji Jeong

Completion:  2020-01-01
Country:  KR
Duration:  00:05:37

Thank You

Director Julian Gallese

Completion:  2020-06-30
Country:  GB
Duration:  00:07:30

Black Sheep Boy

Director James Molle

Completion:  2019-06-01
Country:  FR
Duration:  00:14:57

Nod. Wink. Horse.

Director Ollie Magee

Completion:  2020-01-01
Country:  GB
Duration:  00:04:42

See Me

Director Patty Stenger, Yvonne Kroese

Completion:  2020-06-15
Country:  NL
Duration:  00:08:22